Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A night filled with advantages (except one)

Went out for lunch with my sister's Godparents in the afternoon. We went to this really worn out mini shopping mall and the interesting thing I saw was this at the lift! Please press Close when u leave this lift. Seriously? You mean it can't close on its own?
We had this curry fish head for lunch. YUM...
Skipping the whole day to dinner, I had a date with my pals again. Someone's back from Singapore and he's always "secretive" therefore no pictures throughout the night. We were having Kenny Rogers for dinner. Turns out they have waited for quite a while for seats behind the queue because of the promotion that was going on. They were celebrating some anniversary and therefore everyone wearing red is eligible to a buy one free one quarter meal! Cool! It was less than RM10 per person for the meal! By the time I got there from work, everyone was done already. Here's a video I made once I arrived, waiting for the food... The secret person is not in it neither... 
My meal.
 Just take a look at the queue outside!!!

It didn't stop there! We then headed to Baskin Robbins to get ourselves some desserts. Only Bestie and I had some. The rest felt too bloated. It was a few RMs off today as it's pink day and I was having a pink bag. Not bad huh?
After all that eating, I went to collect some free stuff! A packet of angpow wrappers free from Jusco with every RM100 purchased from AEON Shopping centre tenants. It's cute though!
Here's what we saw at the roadshow behind the customer service counter. 咸恩 or 感恩???
My pals and I then headed to Boston, at De Garden, which happens to be just opposite Jusco for a drink. Colby tells me that Chatime will be opened there soon!!! Right next to Boston! Talking about it, we all just got tempted to go Chatime. DAMN! However, we already sat down and it was too late... 

We then made our order, which Endo wrote down. Look at what a joker he was. 1Malaysia, many languages.
Then, I started camwhoring with the Menu, which was not clear coz of the lighting.
I made the Secret person to act like he was playing Mahjong. LOL! 对对碰!
Then, the waiter came along informing me that my drink was not available. Colby then made a joke, "Oh in that case let's just leave and go to Chatime" and we started laughing and agreeing in a sarcastic way before I said let it be and just keep it with the old order since I ordered two drinks anyway. The waiter then GAVE A RUDE STARE BY LOOKING AT US IN A LANSI DULAN FREAKING FACE! before leaving our table!! EXKIIIUUSSSEEE MEEEEEE?????!?!?!?!?!? With a service like that, you may really just leave. You don't want to work there then just leave! Don't give me that F*cking face! I'm sorry, I just can't hold in my anger and had to make a video about it... AGAIN!!! ARGHHH!!!! Please forgive the FRENCH here and the video... ^^
Seriously from today, BOSTON IPOH at DE GARDEN WILL BE OFFICIALLY BANNED FROM ME AND MY GANG! TAKE THAT, BOSTON! Go ask around and you will get same feedbacks from more than 80% of the people who had been there. No wonder why it is so deserted...

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