Friday, January 6, 2012

Trip To KL, Rootz above Lot 10

I drove Chriz's car to KL today. Previously it was smashed in Ipoh, therefore someone had to drive it up to him. Since I had to go to KL anyway, I did the honors. It was quite a noisy ride as something under the car came loose. 

The collection of car in Ipoh 
 Heading to the Car wash.
 Car Wash!!!
 Raining on the highway. Wasted the car wash...
 Lookie what I found!!!
 Arrival of KL!!!

After two hours of the journey, I finally arrived my destination, HOME. I dropped off my stuff and drove to SS2, which I was told by Hoshi to drop the car to. As I arrived and parked in a really good spot, I headed up to the studio to find the guys. Kaze then told me Chriz needed his car at Lot 10 because he is having an event there, The Other Duck's Fashion Show. I got a confirmation from Chriz before heading there. I didn't know the way there and would need transportation home, so I had no choice but to wait for Ricole and his boys to be ready to head there and lead me the way. 

SS2 Studio.

 Ricole's home... What's my height?

By the time I went there, the fashion show was long over. However, there was an after party. The first person I saw was Chriz, which was more than happy to grab the car keys off my hands... ^^, followed by Monkey and Joe. Sat around with Monkey and Joe before heading inside ROOTZ for a clubbing session. It was packed with Ang Mohs! Seriously! Unfortunate for me, I'm not into them. I'm a very typical asian... 

Didn't get to take pictures as it was dark in there. However, I stood amongst the crowd and saw some DOPE people there. I didn't get to take pictures of them neither. Didn't bother too much. Aye Hasagawa was there too and dancing on the stage. I was basically hanging out in the group, but also in a way not interactive with them. Complicated stuff huh? I just stood there dancing on my own almost for the whole night! A girl actually tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I would like a drink. COOL. But of course I didn't take advantage of it. I ain't that girl...

After being really thirsty, I decided to go outside for some fresh air and also perhaps order a drink. That's when I saw Ricole at the bar with Lenny and Steph. So there's where they were... I was getting worried that he left without me. We then had a lot to chat about. Life, love, chicks, dance, jokes and more... All that got interrupted when Chriz and his friends sat down at the table and started giving advice to his juniors. I wanted to leave just then as it's their family matters but I didn't know where to head to. So, I stayed on and listened.

Stephanie was WASTED!!! Oh my goshhh... Just take a look at the short vid clip I had before we left as the people were already shooing us off. It was closing time already.

Ricole had to send Kenny and I home after his supper. We ended up at McD in SS2, talking away again. Oh, highlight of the supper, Ricole spilled tea over his iPhone 4s, Snapback and also his clothes. Everything smells of tea now. HAHA!!! Oh and did I mention? IT WAS HOT! HOT TEA!!!

By the time I got home, it was already 6am. I had less than 2 hours to sleep before I get up from work again! WOW! DOPE! zzzz

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