Monday, November 28, 2011

Melaka day 2

Day 2 of Melaka trip...

Woke up in the middle of the night, (all of us) coz the aircon seemed like it was offed. I sat up on my bed, stared at the aircon with my blur emotions and noticed the aircon was still functioning, then went back to sleep. How random. HAHA! We were all talking about it in the morning... First, the air-con was so cold until the picture in the frame was also soaked... then it goes off... WEIRD!!!
We all kicked ourselves out of bed to eat breakfast which ends at 10am. We headed downstairs, to only find some bread (spread: Strawberry jam, Butter or Kaya), Tea and Coffee for breakfast. WOW! Talk about a budget hotel! There's not even an egg in sight!!! Here's our hotel... Next to Hard Rock Cafe.

Went back up, took a shower, got ready, packed and headed downstairs to the famous chicken rice shop nearby for brunch.
Brother on the bed... HAHA!
From the view of my bed, I could already see the view of the Chicken rice shop and there was already a queue!

Camwhored while waiting in the queue... HEHE!!
The Chicken rice shop!!!

Anxiously waiting for our chicken rice... I wonder what's so special about it...???
Chicken Rice BALLS! Cool... Nothing special other than that though. I still love our Chicken back at Ipoh.
Here's a short clip... being random... the guy was lagi random... LOL!
Went to buy some snacks of Melaka from here...

There were some people posing on the side of the road so I had to snap pictures... HAHA!
Right after, we just dropped by Jonker 88, which was famous for Cendol! It was GOOD!!! NOMNOM!!!
There was a very interesting craft shop and saw many monkeys there. I just had to snap a picture secretly to send to Monkey and "ejek" him. LOL!

I have bought a Hard Rock top from Singapore once and I loved the design and cutting on the top. Therefore, I decided to go to Hard Rock in Melaka to get myself another top with Melaka on it.

 Here's my top that I bought!

 Temptations... I actually applied for a lifetime membership of Hard Rock and got a free bag and a new pin.

They said this lifetime membership allows you to have benefits such as discounts on apparels and even free upgrade rooms in their hotels! COOL!

We then headed to take pictures of Sungai Melaka and also the famous Christ Church in Melaka before heading home. Could not miss it right?

Hot day... MELAKA IS DAMN HOT! Had to have some ice-cream... HEHE~!!
On the way back to KL, we had snacks and drinks from Melaka and the drink was AWESOME! I love this drink!!! Should have bought more of it!!! REGRETS!!!

Here's a picture of the day... The car in front... Notice the sticker... HAHAHA!!!
I took a picture of the dream catcher I bought from the crafts shop. Such a nice picture this is...
The snacks we bought. DAMN YUMMY!!!
Something I found so very interesting... HAHAHAA

After the jam, we got back to KL in 3 hours... Well, not bad though for a bumper to bumper jam.
We didn't go straight home after that. We went to 1U for some shopping and dinner...
Me wans this bunny... who can buy it for me?
I love the pink one too!!! Eyed it for so long already...

Dinner time!!! Not a bad place for steamboat.

I drank this entire JUG of leongsui!!! CRAZY!!!
Wore this our today for supper. I bought it from Melaka. So cute! HAHA!!!
Dessert at snowflake, not mine. HAHA!!! Too bloated. Ate too much these days...

Sister bought me these two lip balms. PAUL FRANK!!!!

Came home to online but was too lazy to blog right away... HAHAA... on the tiny abandoned LAPTOP...

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