Sunday, November 27, 2011

Melaka trip with MIAO, my FAV blogger,,, AWWWW... ^^

I headed to Melaka today with my brother and sis-in-law. It's my first time being there! I will be meeting up with Miao, Akiraceo a.k.a Jian Goh again!!! WEE!!! He will be bringing us out for dinner!!!

I saw this board which we passed by on the way to Melaka.
Nak Pedas ke tidak?? HAHAHA!!! It's such a weird name for a place don't you think?

The traffic was not so bad. It was moving at least. We were so worried we would be stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic jam. Thank God we still got to Melaka after 3 hours. Not that bad huh?

We saw some bulls pulling the carriage! First time ever seeing bulls on the road with work to do!!!
The tower seemed cool and historical, so I just took it down... Seriously? I was just bored in the jam on the way to town. HAHA!!!
As you can see in the photo above, the clouds are DARK!!! Meaning?? Rain!!! The rain wasn't consistent today. It was heavy though...
On the way to our hotel on Jonker Street, I finally saw the church which everyone takes a picture of as they arrive Melaka!!! It's actually only located right opposite my hotel!!!
This church was much cooler to me... HAHA!
After searching for a car park, we walked to our hotel, which was about 5 minutes walk away from our hotel, and right in front of this place called Casa Del Rio. No idea if it were famous there or not, so I just snapped photos.

This is where we had to stay for the night. Not a bad place though! Good location right next to Hard Rock Cafe, which was only the boutique, and right on Jonker Street.
Here's our beds! A very "shy" room but it was comfy enough for us.
After resting for an hour, Miao finally arrived at our Hotel front doorstep!!! How nice of him to park his car all the way at the car park and walk all the way here just to meet us up! He drove us out to dinner , shopping and also cakes!!!
Our dinner place... Nonya food!!!

This vegetable below is not that great...
Otak-otak is quite good but I am not a fan of Otak-otak and also the spicyness in it...
The omelette, Ho Jian, which I'm not a big fan too but it was quite good...
Chicken Dish. YUM!
This is the best of all!!! Miao kept eating rice with just the sauce. It's damn appetizing!!! Sourish yet good!!! Not too spicy too. Even Miao agrees that it would taste good with maggi in it and would be a good idea to da pao the rest of the sauce. But we didn't lah of course...
Then, Miao drove us up the road a little to Mahkota Parade as my sister told me that there is this place with really good pastries! And DAMN! It's DAMN FREAKING GOOD!!! It's layers of pancakes!!! It's crepe cakes! No idea if you have tried it before but it is really addictive. Do check out their Facebook, Nadeje!!!

I got really tempted with the phone shops and their phone covers in Mahkota Parade and had to walk around. Miao had plans to SABOTAGE ME! He led me to his housemate's shop and I managed to grab one cover!!! From then on, all he said to me was BUY!BUY!BUY! GRRR!!! He said "Must support u mah!" Not like he was paying for it... ARGHHH!!! So I did buy the cover... And it was worth it. Thanks MIAO!!! It's a Crocs cover which I can change buttons!!! Here's pictures!!!

For those of you who know me well enough, I am a sucker for iPhone covers and would kill to get the coolest covers ever. However, I am not a fan of Hello Kitty, but I will have to pass this time coz it's tiny anyway.

We then headed back to Jonker, parked the car and walked on Jonker Street. It's sort of like Petaling Street but even better. The environment there is much safer and prices are not marked up! I got myself two hats for the price of RM28! Thats super cheap compared to my RM29 hat bought in KL.

There was a autograph session going on and it was some Chinese New Year singers. No idea who they are...
As I walked along the street, I actually bumped into BEN! OMG! BEN FROM IPOH!!! Of all places to see him... Had to snap a picture with him...
In Melaka, I realized one thing that goes around. Not flies, not birds. I realized it's the colourful trishaws which are flowery during the day and lit up during the night. It feels so Chritmassy during the night. What I couldn't stand was the noise they produced. Some of them had Noisy speakers with HipHop and RNB on it, spoiling the night mood. Though I am a Streetdancer, I can't find a connection with trishaws and Hiphop! Which reminds me, MIAO, IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU STILL OWE ME A CAT DANCE!!!

That's Miao... CAT DANCE CAT DANCE CAT DANCE!!!!! You owe me T-shirt too... BUYBUYBUY!
I must really thank Miao a bunch in bringing us out tonight!!! It wouldn't have been so fun without him. And also not forgetting that he had to sacrifice a few hours of his time for personal work that he had to rush in!!! Hope you have gotten it all done... If not me guilty as charged... HAHA!!! 


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