Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Romanze Concert

In the afternoon, I headed to SS2 with Taikor and Joey for some food. YUMMILICIOUS FOOD!!! It's a Teochew noodle shop. Look at the food! SLURP!

Night came, it was time for Sister's charity concert at KLPAC. I wore the dress she lent me. I look not bad huh? HAHA. I don't have dresses like these but I guess it's almost time I got some and dressed more femininely.
Camwhore... LOL! Dolly face.
We drove all the way to KLPAC and the place was just so interesting!

I headed into the concert hall for their rehearsals and snapped a few pictures. This one below is my sister and little Ryan on the violin. The one below it is Vale, our handsome teacher who teaches singing in our school.

Can you spot us?
Right before the concert begun, everyone got so nervous and instead, they started fooling around, acting like the wondergirls.

Big Bang decided to join in the fun. HAHA!!! How fun time we had...

The concert went off very well. Everyone enjoyed the show. Many people turned up and it was a success. Flowers were given by the end of the night...

Then, after the concert was camwhoring time!

There was a after session at Souled Out in Mont Kiara. It was a really nice place. The only place they could think of that we could still eat at that kind of an hour.

Here's two Ryans, the little one HANGOVER from the concert. HAHA!!! LMAO!

My new favourite. Durian Ice Kacang!!! SO DAMN NICE!!! SLURPPP!!!!! NOMNOMNOM!!!
Salmon Pizza...
The cuppuchino. COOL!
The cheeky Little Ryan's face after he drank a cocktail drink...

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