Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years eve!!!

Time flies so fast! It's the last day of the year already!!! I woke up, put on my best makeup and dress and headed out to get my car...

I have a choice today on which car I would like to take out. Which do you think I took?
Yeap, I took the MRS out to Alex's bro's house. We were having a steamboat party at his house. We just wanted somewhere not so crowded and noisy to end our year. It would be crowded and overpriced everywhere, not forgetting roadblocks!
The food we had for steamboat was just miraculously marvellous!!!

Here's a random video...

We had a game of cards after our meal while waiting to countdown.

There was a concert or some party going on in Lost World of Tambun, so we had quite a view of the fireworks display from outside the house. Here's a video of it!


We went home a little after midnight. I drove the MRS and saw a jam at the traffic light. I knew that there was definitely a roadblock but I still went for it. Why avoid when I have nothing to hide? I had to go home with that road anyway. 
When it finally was my turn, the police asked for my IC and License. After struggling a little to get my purse from behind my seat, I volunteered to drive to the side. As he walked over to where I parked on the side, I handed him my identifications and he asked me why I put it there. I told him how unsafe it is nowadays and it is always safer behind my seat when I drive a sports car. He agreed on how unsafe it is already. Then, he asked me where I went to. I just said a friend's house for a quiet steamboat party and started small talk like how crowded it is in a pub and stuff. He said he was envious on us having a holiday and such... Finally he let me go after seeing my address and knowing I was heading home. Oh, I wished him a happy new year though! HAHA!!! What a start of the year for him...

Finally, I wish you all a

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