Thursday, December 29, 2011

A night at Euro House Alone

 Woke up a little late today. Did some chores before I could go out to watch Mission Impossible, the movie. Heard so much about it and how incredible it was. Finally I got to see it for myself. It was interesting but of course there was a part where I thought was quite long winded. Overall, it was quite good. Entertaining.

Took the boys to eat dinner at Tai Seng before heading out myself to Euro House, my second home again. Yes, I sat there alone at the bar. It's not boring for me as I got to talk to the staff, help Meng install stuff into his iPad and iPhone, play pool... If you have not been there yet, you will not know what I mean. 

Free flow wine again as usual, but my wine glass is bigger than anybodies and also I get services. HAHA!!!
It so happen was WAWA's and Boon's birthday! But I didn't get to eat any cake. Oh well... At least I wished them a happy birthday...

I chilled with my friends,  the staff in Euro the whole night as I never got the chance to. They sat there chatting, drinking and not cleaning. By the time we were done, it was almost 5am!!! Meng (the manager) was so nice to walk me to my car and also offered to follow me home to make sure I was safely home. I declined that offer as he had to go home and rest too. He did send me a sms to make sure I got home safely. He's SINGLE!!! GIRLS GO GRAB HIM!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Got home and camwhored. Too exhausted. Night all!!! Muax!!!

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