Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ryan's birthday!!!

The messy lot above are shoes from my workplace in KL, Pianissimo. All the students' and teachers' shoes.

Had a few classes today, and had a surprise for Ryan. It's his birthday! We all acted like we forgot his birthday and were busy with work. Then, we came out with our cake and sang him a birthday song. He nearly teared.

Then night came. We went out for dinner and drinks! We were supposed to attend a new place at the Strand, but it was too crowded and the waiters could not attend to us... Therefore we changed to the place a few doors away.
The place we were supposed to go to...

Justin bought us some Macaroons!

The place we ended up at. So cool! Muzeum!

The names of the drinks are so interesting!!! Take a look!!! Wauwau? Chichi? HAHAHA and whats ME U SAY UMP? LOL!

There was a live band and they were actually not bad!!!

Got home and camwhored again before I fell right on the bed and dozed off...

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