Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love... my story

Once again, another friend sends me a message, informing me of her wedding in the coming year. In just these few years, I have already had hands full of invitation cards and have attended quite a number. It shows me how much I have aged and my time is coming up. However, seriously, I don't plan on getting married (for the moment?). Relationship is just too complicated of a matter to me. Let me tell you a little story about a little someone whose love story of years going down the drain because of foolishness... 

She met him at work in 2006. She was selling mobile phones in a stall nearby while he had a roadshow. She was already friends with his friends, as they were close to her boss. He walked over to her and asked for her phone number, and they started calling each other, SMS'ing each other everyday ever since. It was only days after their first meeting that they got together as a couple, him sending her to work but being all hush hush about it. She didn't understand why he had to hide it from his friends back then but it also didn't matter at that time. He brought her home to meet his family and extended family on the 2nd day of getting together. It meant a lot to her.

After some time, his friends all knew about their relationship and they were both fine about it. They traveled together, went to events together, attended parties together as a couple. It seemed fine to everyone but behind the lies, there was just nothing but sadness. Why? He was a pure playboy who brings girls home to sleep with. She couldn't do anything but confront him every time she found out. All he does is say he would change and she eventually had to get over it. 

Time flies and they had been together for more than 4 and a half years. She finally couldn't handle his lies anymore as he stroke once again. She finally left him for good and there goes the 4 and a half years of youth. 

For him, she had given up her passion, dancing. For him she had wasted her opportunities. For him, she has wasted so much... but through these years, she has learnt so much from him. 

SHE is actually ME. Yeah, now you know my relationship life before... HAHAHA. Moral of the story, get to know someone before rushing into a relationship.

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