Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dinner at Citrus, drinks at Baliz

I had dinner at Citrus tonight. A very classy fine dining place which provides delicious food and desserts.

 First, we had a prawn salad, which was just amazingly good. The prawns were FRESH!
 Then came the Thai Beef Salad, which was juicy!
 I had fresh Starfruit Juice to quench my thirst.
 My spaghetti Carbonara was extremely Creamy, great for carbonara lovers.
 The seafood Spaghetti was light and good. Not to forget the deliciously juicy and fresh seafood!
 That's my brother's 3 way lamb, cooked in 3 ways. So special and yummy.
 After all that filling main courses, we still made some space for their really mouth watering desserts...

Here's the Pandan Garlic dessert.
 My favourite warm chocolate cake. I will tell you the specialty of it later.
And the trio dessert, which contained warm chocolate cake, cheese cake and brownies topped with ice-cream.
 The best part about the warm chocolate cake is the method of eating it. If you break the top part and eat it bit by bit, you will find warm chocolate inside the cake, which would pour right out if you were to cut the cake on the side! SLURPICIOUS!!! However, I love to scoop it out from the middle and mix it with ice cream and strawberry jam. You must eat this if you happen to come to Citrus! MUST!!!

After dinner, we went to Baliz for drinks. That's what I wore...

Joey and I
 I couldn't resist camwhoring with the walls in Baliz... HAHA!!!

 I bumped into my Bestie around the area too!!! That's just how small Ipoh town is...
We walked over to Barroom to just wish Sam a happy birthday then left. I saw Sam's new car as I left. Interesting...
 Since I got home so early, I camwhored... HAHAHA

 I suddenly got the oomphh for watches again... No thanks to Sky for letting me camwhore with his Gshock during Baliz drink session.
 I went online and saw these babies... OMG!!!
 This one below is actually 18K Gold, worth 28,000USD! OMGAWDDD!!!!
Oh well, might as well sleep and dream about it... HAHA!!! Night all!!!

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