Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm thankful for FRIENDS! My second FAMILY!

After putting on a Stats widget a few days ago, only did I know my blog has been visited 267 times already! WOW! That's a great achievement to me for a blog that has been established for only about a month! Although the number may seem a little obscene, oh well, it works well with me. HEHE!

It's weird that in just these two months, I get to gain a lot of friends, both old and new. 

Friends who was never interested to call me or ask me out or even HAVE MY NUMBER actually messages me on Facebook asking for my contact, friends who went MIA just appeared out of nowhere and started chatting with me on whatever apps, friends who I never knew could be close to me actually turned out to be the bestest I could ever ask for...

New friends I have known through these two months were also extreme. Its just so unexpected. Some I contact now and then and some, just a Hi Bye thing as usual.

However, don't you have the feeling that sometimes new friends could be better than your old friends? I was quite disappointed during my early birthday party in KL. I invited quite a few friends to my pre-birthday and guess what? Only 2 of them showed up. The rest didn't even bother to let me know if they were coming or not. Friends... Or more like Hi Bye people? 

Thank God I met new friends and they turned up for my party, which was unexpected as a few of them didn't promise that they would make it, informing me that they have a function to go to and might not even make it. I have actually concluded with my party being just about 6 or 7 of us friends. I couldn't expect much but was touched as I got so much surprises in one night. Oh well, I guess friendship really doesn't matter on how long you have known each other after all?? It was my first surprise and it was great. I could not have asked for anything better.

Back in Ipoh, I was also surprised with the number of people who attended my birthday countdown celebration. This birthday to me was like a super sweet 16 MTV program! HAHA! Though I didn't book an entire hall or get an expensive sports car, I really felt like a star... 

Thank you all for making my birthday such an unforgettable one this year... I hope to have this every year but then it would not be anymore special now would it? ^^

Who needs a boyfriend when you have all these friends with you??? HAHAH!!! Joking lah... I do miss being in a relationship at times but also, I am enjoying the singlehood life. ANYONE WITH ME HERE???

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