Thursday, November 3, 2011


Before the day ends, I would like to wish my buddies 
A super duper whooper huge photo of the TWINS!!! and our drunken faces months ago, taken at Henessy Artistry event in Barroom...

I wish you both all the best and happiness always. You guys are really DA BOMB! I can never thank you both enough for being my buddies... BUDDIES FOR LIFE! BFL!

Not to forget also happy birthday Jackson, someone whom I have just met during my birthday celebration at Zouk. Thanks for being there. Though I didn't really get to talk to you that night, I bet we will have chances in the future... Right? ^^

ALSO!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICH!!! OMG!!! HOW COULD I EVER FORGET YOU!?!?!?! My dear friend Mich Daphne Koo... I haven't seen you in a while but we shall catch up in KL soon yah??? 

I'm sorry as there are no presents (except for u twins), but however, here I shall give you both some birds instead... Have a very jolly super duper whooper happy BIRD DAY!!!!

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