Saturday, October 15, 2011

The complicated thing about LOVE

Love... What is it to some people? Everyone's stories are actually different nowadays.

I've heard quite a load of heartbreaks these few months and seriously, I am also tired of hearing about it. It seems like the stories are almost alike and they are not as bad as mine was. All I could do to cheer them up is to relate my story to them and let them realize how much luckier they were and they should just move on like how I have moved on myself.

I am not proud of the stupid things I have done and experiences I have faced. But I am however happy that I have had such experiences to make me grow up. 

Human beings are filled with wants and they are always open for new "opportunities". They are always tempted with the world of temptations. No one is perfect and they are never satisfied. At least that's what I have came up with for the past few months.

Right now, I am feeling lonely. I don't know if I should call it EMO? But I am extremely upset and down the past few days. I could use a flirt, a hug or some love?? ARGHHH!!! I don't even know how LOVE feels like anymore...


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