Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Emo being single

What exactly has come to the world nowadays? What's with males sticking unto girls who are unavailable, and vice versa? Seriously speaking, the saying "there is only one person meant for u" is not true at all. To me it isn't at least. It only comes down to who can handle each other and tolerate til the end of time. If it ain't tolerance and determination, believe me, one will walk out and get another "one" to call "the one".

I'm sorry as i might come off like a love hater or something but it's just that i have seen enough of the same things going around. People being in a triangle relationship, hoping for returns? I mean yeah, its fun to be in such a situation to not be caught in any way. I too like that feeling of excitement and not having to commit into anything at all. But seriously, if you are in that kind of situation and yet expect something big out of it, get a grip. You are just playing with fire which has not burn you yet.

They say if u love something let it go. If you let it go, you will regret. So what exactly should we be doing now??? Love is such a funny thing...

After years of hurt and betrayal, i have learnt that love is something you need to work for really hard. Though i still have crushes along the way like a lil kid, i know that love isnt easy. To be committed into a relationship it need so much patience, trust, determination, and loads more to accept the other half, accept the whole of that person and be willing to spend your entire life just facing him or her alone. However, for what i can see around me now is no longer so simple. Guys are no longer loyal to one, so are girls.will someone really be willing to change for anyone? Seriously? I need someone to prove me wrong, that there are still guys who are worth loving out there. There's this question stuck in my head. Do the people who cheat on their other half actually think, what would they do or feel if they were the one being cheated with? Will they just let it slide and accept the excuse "as long as i know who my true love is and where my home is"?? They are just selfish son of a *€#%*^+s. Arghhh!!!


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