Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to get FREE stuff?

Throughout the years, I have been pampered with free meals, free treats, free gifts, free holidays, free event tickets, etc. All these free stuff that I've got were instantly posted on our favourite social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter and also Facebook of course. It had also been updated on my blog most of the time.

Time after time, friends and also strangers start coming up to me and ask me 
"How do you get all these free stuff?"
"Where do you get all these free stuff?"
"How do you always get so lucky?"

Well, my friends, nothing comes easy or free in this world. No, I didn't take advantage of anybody to get these priviledges. Let me share with you how I got so "successful" in getting free stuff often.

In 2011, I created this blog after starting work in KL. As you know, KL is full of opportunities and happening stuff. I attended parties and events with passes that were provided by my friends. Slowly, I got attracted to the "big" world of events. 

My first win was in March 2012. I won a set of Paul Frank's Lip Smacker lip gloss. My first event attended was Zouk in Sepang by Digi. My first winning tickets were also from Digi, the WWWOW Awards. It never ended there. Pairs of event tickets started pouring in one after another. 

Getting free tickets does not only mean I get to go to the event for free. It means way more than that. The feeling of achievement after an effort goes a long way. I enter contests, blog for tickets and constantly source for contests all the time. Where do I start? Le me give you an example.

A concert is coming to town. It is something of your interest. I bet you will definitely come across the news. Find out about the participating outlets/sponsors/organizer. Head on to their websites and social media platforms. Search for potential contests that may get you in the running for free passes. Here's the most important part: PARTICIPATE IN THE CONTEST! You will never know the chances of yourselves getting invites. 

There may be photo contests, contests for quotes, contests for advertisements (blog) or rather publicity. It is a bigger YES if you own a blog or have a big number of followers on your social media platforms. Make sure you include sufficient information about the event and if possible, make it viral. The company will then thank you by giving you passes or perhaps even a small gift. If you don't happen to get anything from the company, at least random people will start following you to know more about the event. TADAA!!! New followers!

Never put your hopes up too high for you may feel extremely disappointed if you don't get it. I always enter contests knowing that I have done my best. If I happen to get the tickets, I will be grateful for them. I would definitely repay them by publicizing their event and company after the event. Not everything involves money nowadays. When someone gives you benefits, use it wisely and always be grateful. Thank them for it. You may never know when they will contact you again for other events in the future!

Now that I've given you an idea, start working for it! If you happen to win any, don't forget to repay me by giving me something too yeah? LOL!

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