Friday, April 3, 2015

iLuminate in conjuction with Genting's 50th Anniversary, Thanks to HITZ FM!!!

Good Friday everyone!

How has your Friday been so far? It is a very good day for me today. I got to have breakfast with my niece before I got to work today, had no trouble with the bus (which was always nowhere in sight), then I received a very interesting SMS.

It appears I have won 2 tickets for iLuminate: Artist of Light at Resort World Genting from Hitz FM, in conjunction with Genting's 50th Anniversary! I remember just stumbling upon Hitz FM website to look for something and came across the contest. It is one of those "Fill in the blanks, why you would like to win passes" kind of contest. I have never been selected for these kind of contests and this being the first, got me jumping for joy!

The bonus for this contest was that I would win a room stay at Genting too! Time for a holiday that I have always needed. I have not been to Genting in a while now. Time for a 2 day relaxation.

iLuminate is actually a dance group who dress in black as they fuse music, dance and technology using synchronized LED light displays for a WOW effect. You can check them out in the video below.

So who and what exactly is iLuminate? Let me give you a little idea of their background.

iLuminate is a company based on the fusion of technology and dance from New York. They have competed at America's Got Talent in 2011 and made several international appearances. You can easily see them on stage with Grammy-winning superstars such as Christina Aguilera, The Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta, Chris Brown, etc. You may have also seen them on the Ellen DeGeneres show!!!

Don't miss out on the show! It has started since 3rd April and will be on til 28th June 2015 at the Genting International Showroom!!! It starts at 8.30pm and lasts for 75 minutes! (I wonder where they get all that energy...) 

For more information, do click on Hitz.FM, Resort World Genting, iLuminate.

Enough talk. I am anxious to watch it!!! I shall write more after I watch it in a few weeks!!! 

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