Saturday, February 28, 2015

Part 2: Facebook Pervert Daniel AY

A day has passed and still comments are generating like wild mushrooms. People showing concern and hatred. But wait, there's a new addition to this.

Someone left me a message informing me that Daniel was spotted at work a few weeks ago, ordering staff to work. He may not be an owner as people have seen him doing the work himself too. This anonymous person added that he thinks it is Daniel but would not dare to confirm that it is him in case of any wrong accusation made.

On my side, I received messages from "someone" named after "Clubbing Lovers Kuala Lumpur" on Facebook. This person claimed that he is the moderator of the shop that Daniel says he owns. This was very fishy as to why he used a different account to contact me. He mentioned something about a page not being able to contact their fans. Why didn't he use his own profile to contact me instead? Why would he use an account that was some clubbing account? I'm not very sure to how that goes so I just went with the flow.

Next, he insisted that I lodge a police report WITH HIM. By this, it means I have to meet whoever he is. I had doubts and proceeded to ask my lawyer for advise. He told me to lodge a report on my own and that I DO NOT HAVE TO report together as it was not necessary for us to do it together. Right after I pushed him off, I realize he started to sound a little like Daniel. This, I am not too sure of. The next thing I know, I am being blocked by this "person" and also that particular page is no longer valid!!! WOW!!! What a coincidence huh?

Now, I won't be putting any names of companies here. If he has the power to misuse the name of company he works at and to post on behalf, then I'm left speechless. After all, even if I get a "confirmation" from the shop and yet he is the one that owns it, then I would be talking to him about the clarification instead! I guess we will never know what the truth is...

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