Friday, February 27, 2015

Facebook Pervert Daniel AY alert!

Writing this post not out of anger (though there was a whole load of it when it happened) but out of concern to all you ladies (and even men) out there. For years we have been connecting new friends via pen pals, MIRC, MSN, ICQ, Friendster, Facebook, etc. There has always been a word of caution: Be careful who you talk to.

I have been a social media freak for years and getting to know people online has been normal to me. I always watched who I went out with and who our mutual friends were before I head out with that person. Usually, I would never meet them alone. Those who remain as internet friends stay in the computer most of the time.

I have always seen what damage Facebook can do to a person, let alone the person's reputation. There were always posts on people damaging property, on people's bad behaviour, etc. Never in my wildest dreams that I have thought of encountering one myself. Though I am just an ordinary girl who I think would not interest any "wolves" out there, there are also desperate guys who demand attention.

A guy messaged me on Facebook today as I took my train to KL. Since I had nothing to do, I replied him, asking him who he was. At first, his replies were offensive yet he stuck a tongue at his dialogues. That led me to think he was just joking. Then, I went through his page and wondered if I knew him in person as I had a mutual friend in his friend's list. Thinking it might have been someone I met in a party, I continued my conversation with him, expecting him to suddenly say "You've got pranked. It's me lar." but unfortunately, it was otherwise. His messages got more disrespectful and lies started to form.

He said he was an owner of a few car salons and also cafes in Kota Damansara. After getting clarifications, he does not own any. In fact, he is not from Kota Damansara but from Puchong!!! (Source taken from anonymous) I have no idea if he is really that rich but no matter who you are, this is not a way to talk to the ladies. You do not disrespect women this way even if you have loads of money to spare. He got his facts wrong and wrote it like he knew everything. The biggest mistake he did? Was to mess with me.

I decided to make him famous on Facebook like how most of the people would nowadays. I wanted him to be well known for the person that he is and that all girls should be alert when he pops up to harrass anyone else again. As I went through the day, my post was shared to more than 50 people and liked by hundreds of people. That was very unexpected. 

After all that publicity, a few girls posted their conversations with him too! Some guys messaged me in private to tell me they know him in person and that he was a douche, thanking me for disgracing him in public. One even sent me the picture of his IC! No worries, I don't plan to do anything further than raising awareness online. I will also not post his personal information online. I know the limits. The punishment has to only be made by his family. We don't have any right to lay a finger on him.

There are always haters in the world and as I shared my post, I was prepared to receive criticizes from the public saying why I would be so sensitive, why I would trigger him more, why would he choose a normal person like me when I am not a hot model etc. In the end, all I received were concerns, caring words and also support. I did not only receive such kind gestures by women, I also received a lot from men. They were all ashamed at how this guy acted as a guy, bringing shame to the males. However, I am not a sexist and I won't give remarks as such. It could have happened to any sex. I believe men would have been harassed by women before too.

In this world, there are people who just sit silently as they get attacked. Make a sound! It makes a difference!!! You may not only save yourself, you may have saved the people around you and the people you love too.

Here below are screenshots of our conversation.

It appears that he is also featured on Funny Malaysia's page. It's interesting how information travels fast via internet. Do check out their link!

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