Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My journey with Uber

This is not a sponsored post. This is just merely a post I randomly thought of blogging on since I have not been updating my blog frequent enough. This blog post has been written without any research online but based on experience and what I have understood from it.

Uber, a service worldwide which operates like a taxi, has been a very good "friend" of mine since the first time I got on it. I came about Uber at an event a year ago, 22nd March 2014 to be exact. I still didn't have much of an idea what it was all about. I just followed instructions of downloading the app, applying the promotional code of RM100 and got a FREE driver for me and my friend to the event since Uber was one of the sponsors of the event I attended.

It didn't take a Uber driver long to reach my doorstep. I had my first experience in a Nissan Teana with a humble driver. He had very good service and also treated us just like loyalty. He even offered us 2 bottles of complimentary water. I took another Nissan Teana back home safely without the hassle of driving.

Back then, we had not much of a choice for cars and services from Uber. We only had Uber Black to choose from. Right now, we have more options. There are Uber Black, Uber SUV, Uber LUX, Uber Taxi and Uber X. The difference in all these Ubers are the pricing and car options available. Although you do not get to choose the driver or car model which you desire, you get an alternative which is in the same category as your expectations.

For me, I personally love to take the Uber X because it is actually cheapest and could be even cheaper than local taxis. They are also reliable as you can detect where they are via GPS on the application. As soon as you have made a booking on the app, you can see the car model, car plate number, driver name, driver picture and where he is at the moment. You could even share the information to your friends for safety reasons. 

What I dislike about the local taxis nowadays is that they overcharge customers by not using the meter whenever they like and even reject you when you call out for them. Some reject you after knowing the short distance that you require to go, knowing they won't earn much from it.

However, at Uber, drivers have told me that it is not a problem for them to travel short distances as they are being paid by trips and do not have an option of picking customers based on their distance. The driver will never know where the customer is heading to until he/she boards the vehicle. I think this is a very good idea.

Uber drivers are very humble. I have not encountered any unfortunate events with Uber so far. They were all friendly and being the talkative person that I am, I make the most out of my journey with the drivers, knowing more about Uber and also about the world. Funny how much you can learn from strangers.

Every time you end a trip with Uber, they would ask you to rate the drivers. From what I heard, based on your ratings, the management would actually enable the driver to drive a more luxurious car in the future. I personally think it is very important to rate and also leave a comment so they could provide us with good and reliable services.

What about cancelling trips? You could cancel a driver before he arrives your doorstep. For the first time, you will not be charged for it. Chances only come once. After that, you would be charged a small sum to make it up to Uber. I think it is only fair to do so. Drivers have told me that there were people who were selective of drivers based on race, car model, etc. Why be so choosy when you can get a driver at a cheap price? If you are to be that choosy, buy a car and drive yourself. For me, the importance of using Uber or any other taxis is only to get me from point A to point B safely and in one piece without me being stuck in jam behind the wheel and without having to navigate myself to a designated location.

There are promotions once in a while with Uber. Your trip could be free if you depart or alight from a selected area. In January, I had a few weeks of priviledge for having free rides since I stayed in Bandar Utama and worked in Sunway Giza. I always travelled in that area and using the promotional code given and got to my destinations free!!! I was glad to see an improvement in Uber in the sense of them having more cars in my area compared to when they just started. I no longer have to wait more than half an hour for a driver.

There was also another charity drive few months back by celebrities. RM20 was donated to charity if you get to be driven around by local artistes and also Youtubers/Radio DJs. Some famous models were also featured in the event. They drove a VW Beetle around and I was not lucky enough to get any of them. 

With Uber, you can always ensure your safety and also comfort of sitting in the car with a driver.Looking for a promotion? You can put in my promotion code "3JGZ4" or "susanh1092" to get RM30 off your first ride!!! Just remember to put in the promotion code before you get into the ride. 

You could also track your old rides and history of rides on the app and website!!! Here's mine!!!

I hope you will enjoy Uber as much as I am. What I hope to see in Uber? A SERVICE TO BE AVAILABLE IN IPOH TOO!!! We Ipoh-ites need a reliable transportation. Please, Uber!!! Come and have some old town white coffee?

For more information on Uber, download their app or go on to https://www.uber.com/ !!!

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