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My Alma Mater

It's been 11 years since I have graduated from Ave Maria Convent. I was there for 10 years, through all thick (skin from the beating) and thin (I used to be really thin during school days). Off and on I went back to my school for job purposes, whether it was to get information of the school or to get help for charity organizations. Never had I took a long walk around the school compound, seeing the changes there are as of now.

Since I had to get some documents signed by the principal, I finally had an excuse to head back to school with loads of time to spare yesterday. I just had to go see some of the old faces and also the places where I once roamed. 
 photo 10934046_10152694212738736_5970512947413187951_n_zps0bbf0c91.jpg

As I parked my car on the side of the road, I got off the car to find a familiar car and face behind me. It was no other than the uncle who sold junk food from my schooling days! I wasn't expecting to see him here after so many years. I remember looking forward to buying loads of junk while waiting for my mom to pick me up, back in those days. He looks exactly the same, just a little older.
 photo 1491713_10152694221738736_1764425680547484979_n_zps2bd6f0a7.jpg  photo 1546248_10152694221803736_2294578301565869576_n_zps3611cf2c.jpg

First thing's first, I settled all my documents with Miss Liew, our new principal of the school, before my explore. Miss Liew used to be our discipline teacher. I have always thought of her as the very fun discipline teacher. However, some other students (obviously those who were up to no good) thought otherwise. She had been transferred to another school previously and everyone thought that we wouldn't be seeing her in school anymore. Perhaps God knew that AMC needed her assistance and brought her back to her fans students who need her most, as a headmistress!!! How fun is this principal? She tolerates with selfies and is actively commenting on Facebook statuses!
 photo 10868106_10152694215513736_8159614028731344921_n_zps20648743.jpg  photo 1503283_10152694220913736_1396058952912411303_n_zpsf9d4d3ad.jpg  photo 10428082_10152694215308736_7974033278163361183_n_zpsfd279a82.jpg

My first stop (which was nearest to the head's office) was our small hall, a place where we always had our choir practice, ISCF gatherings, mini singing competitions and also packed assemblies. I remember playing for the choir for a few months before calling it quits. I too will never forget that I have won 2nd runner up for a singing competition in this particular hall. I wonder up til today, how I even managed to get a prize...
 photo 10369121_10152694215168736_6421760272802695002_n_zpsbdff1e7b.jpg

Outside the hall, was the view of some of the classes. They look absolutely the same to me. Same green grass, tall trees and clean environment...
 photo 10313433_10152694215058736_7060102426387059525_n_zps39ad4c48.jpg

The toilet which I dreaded to go for years looked the same too, only that the girls decided to paint something cuter to encourage others to keep the place clean. I wonder if it actually does help...
 photo 10931522_10152694215238736_6866051888249564943_n_zps659d516e.jpg

As I walked towards our new hall, which was the bigger hall, I noticed that the phone booth and water dispenser were still there! We all remember hogging on to the phone booth and also refilling water from that area. Every time after we have had our exercise, we would fill our bottles with cold water or just drink it fresh from the tap. However, the room that is now the girl's toilet was never for us to use back then.
 photo 10487595_10152694213268736_3797539135932210604_n_zpsba476b18.jpg

Our new hall is exactly the same, but there were new buildings outside. There is a new block which I assume are new classrooms and the basketball court is finally sheltered. We used to run in the rain or shine during PE class back in the day because there wasn't anywhere else we could run to. Tough luck for the basketball players back then too.
 photo 1511145_10152694212843736_231531645599049228_n_zps4e2cfe98.jpg  photo 10917856_10152694212933736_8913130214346562480_n_zps9a6fc88a.jpg  photo 10906159_10152694213173736_6922886620576623245_n_zps0e90f8f8.jpg  photo 10805691_10152694213033736_6297819775966520130_n_zpsd22ce268.jpg

The grass is always green in our school. It was such a nice sunny walk around school with greens all the way...
 photo 10805663_10152694213493736_8488553260411994626_n_zps54ab1a75.jpg  photo 10917836_10152694213613736_4478335330685167437_n_zpsd8f91c81.jpg

I didn't manage to walk into the library although I had the urge to. I just didn't want to interfere with any ongoings. However, from the outside, it does look the same. LOL. All of my school years, I guess I have not entered the library for more than 10 times, of which I was only there for the aircon.
 photo 10933741_10152694213983736_8017425420636853927_n_zps50c55e17.jpg  photo 10574529_10152694214053736_8720343472501897689_n_zps653c27cb.jpg

The other block brings me more memories of my schooling days as those were the last years I spent there. I remember having cooking class, Science class, having regular spot checks, etc...
 photo 10363718_10152694213688736_8807479930457631191_n_zps121e1415.jpg  photo 1379519_10152694213863736_7138014138149991915_n_zps55c9840b.jpg

Last year as I came into the school canteen, I remember seeing special tables and chairs being laid out. I think it was for the teachers to sit. However, this time around, they were no longer there. I guess they decided that it wasn't necessary. The painting on the wall is still the same after all those years!
 photo 10920904_10152694214318736_4594611739329390520_n_zps9c7af936.jpg

Our canteen, the place where we had less than 15 minutes to eat after taking our own sweet time to walk there. I remember having a very interesting school life. While everyone hung out with their bunch of friends, having meals and talking away, I took my food to a place where it was vacant and just blended in with whoever that was around me. I never had meals with the same people every day. Perhaps that is why I was popular back then, in a different way.
 photo 1526751_10152694214338736_3712203816775641123_n_zps5b9bf609.jpg  photo 10917382_10152694214543736_8953395361178067642_n_zps58aa4792.jpg

The stationary shop was always a big hit amongst us students. We would either get small interesting items from there such as cute note books, erasers, handicraft, strings to make bracelets and more. Most importantly, we were there for ribbons! Our school had a very strict rule of tying a ribbon over our ponytail, back in the day. If one fails to do so, demerit marks will be given by the prefects. We also had to make sure all our zips and hooks were intact to keep our marks high. Apparently, this shop is still doing very well up to this day...
 photo 10384234_10152694214193736_1185460459053835061_n_zps2975db6d.jpg  photo 1505585_10152694214398736_2090787530486083463_n_zps2419b30c.jpg

Besides this shop, there was another favourite of ours, the Kacang Putih stall. We students were not allowed to eat in class. However, I am here to assure you that more than 50% of the students here have illegally sneaked in some of the Kacang Putih and nibbled during class while the teacher was at the board. As I put up the photo on Facebook, I have had many who agreed on it too.
 photo 10378925_10152694214483736_3703134327224858567_n_zpsc9197c53.jpg

Of all the changes that I have seen in the school, I guess I would love the corridors most. They have not renovated the floorings but they have added simple quotes on the top, against the ceiling. It is very meaningful and I think it is very uniquely done.
 photo 10882365_10152694214733736_8774247414411961426_n_zps4433b03d.jpg  photo 10906431_10152694214618736_4342463671236468785_n_zps5d86536a.jpg

While walking along this corridor, I couldn't help but stop at what used to be my classroom and remember the times when I was punished to stand behind the class for talking too much, that of when my friend was so cold sitting under the fan with me that she had to keep holding my hand for warmth, the time when I kept munching on kacang putih and passing it around, the time I actually wrote notes to the afternoon session and get a reply by just putting the note in the drawer... The good old days were the best of all...
 photo 1508586_10152694214833736_13502822709556010_n_zps9fdc81c7.jpg  photo 10926438_10152694214938736_3676029536656882653_n_zps74408c77.jpg

Posting photos on Facebook has triggered a lot of ex-school mates, wanting to come back to school to see their alma mater too. I may not have a good memory of the past, but I sure do remember a lot from this school... If only I could turn back time, I would never want to graduate from this school, where I was surrounded by the best teachers, the best friends, the best environment and best memories...

I still remember our school song and the lyrics up to this day. As the last sentence goes "Daughters of Ave Maria, forward let us march!", I am pretty sure most of us have marched to a wonderful future the school has given us. No matter in terms of getting married with a family or a successful career, we have to thank our school and teachers for everything they have given us. Beloved School and Mentor, we love you very dear...

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