Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Kendama Jam Session

And so, I stumbled upon Jeremy's post on the Kendama Jam in Facebook. Kendamas have been quite a hit lately. In my opinion, it only got into the craze lately because of the influence of the Mings, Jeremy, Shawn, etc. The news spread like bush fire and it didn't take long for my news feed to be flooded with tricks and videos of Kendama.

So what is this Kendama? I could google it up and just paste the definition for you, but why should I, when you could check it out yourself? Let me just entertain you with my thoughts on the Kendama. 
 photo CIMG0080_zpsb1d3cdaa.jpg

It was my first time getting so close to a Kendama. I wasn't even expecting to try one neither. When I sat down at Whisk, Outpost with my cup of Latte, I just watched as everyone did their tricks.
 photo CIMG0068_zpsa02d19b8.jpg

 photo CIMG0070_zps82aad0bf.jpg  photo CIMG0072_zpsbcaf8775.jpg  photo CIMG0075_zps0ed98158.jpg  photo CIMG0079_zps90101077.jpg

Newcomers were also seen picking up some tricks from the Pros who were already there. It didn't take long til the place was crowded. It worried me a little because the staff were walking in and out, fearing that they would shoo everyone away for blocking the path and also hogging on to the tables. Thank God, they were nice enough to let us jam and stand around like a mob was about to start.
 photo CIMG0060_zps3b89444f.jpg  photo CIMG0061_zpsa91eb806.jpg  photo CIMG0062_zps612a7db2.jpg  photo CIMG0064_zpsc728b115.jpg  photo CIMG0065_zps1efca19f.jpg  photo CIMG0081_zps0ca62408.jpg  photo CIMG0082_zpsc0d0f241.jpg  photo CIMG0084_zps11bdc56c.jpg  photo CIMG0086_zps0f4d8663.jpg  photo CIMG0087_zps52dfef33.jpg

At first, I thought to myself, how hard could it be? All I need to do is get that stick to go through a hole at the bottom of the ball. Just pull it upwards and with a steady hand, stuff that hole with the stick! Well, little did I know that I was so wrong!

Thanks to Ming Li, she lent me a Kendama and taught me to do the simple tricks first. I had to bounce the ball up and then catch it at the side of the Kendama, then flipping it on the other side and vice versa. It only took me less than 10 minutes to get that trick. However, getting it into the hole was a whole other universe to me. 

I eventually gave up, sat down and started videoing and taking pictures of everyone around me instead. Try spotting familiar faces. :)

 photo CIMG0090_zpscb40cbb4.jpg  photo CIMG0101_zps09a185b0.jpg

I was lucky enough to watch Ming Yue do tricks on a yoyo later on. I miss the days where I got to play my bumblebee and proyo. I remember how proud I was in primary school to be able to do simple tricks such as "walk the dog", "around the world", etc while my friends could not. Watching him and his friend do it in front of my eyes was just crazy. Those were stuff I have not tried or even attempted to do before. I only could watch in awe...

Time flew really quickly and I had to make a move, bidding everyone farewell with a Selfie. I only had 3 hours to get home, shower and catch the bus that never comes to KL Sentral for my trip back to Ipoh. It was a great time spent at the Kendama Jam. Would definitely get one soon and perhaps join the fun. 
 photo CIMG0091_zpsedc37b5c.jpg  photo CIMG0093_zpscdb396f9.jpg  photo CIMG0094_zps119ccefc.jpg  photo CIMG0095_zps23d0d30a.jpg  photo CIMG0096_zpsb16f08dc.jpg  photo CIMG0097_zps5b99d2c5.jpg  photo CIMG0099_zps19497f4d.jpg  photo CIMG0102_zps6e7fa932.jpg

For those who are interested in getting one, do find them on Facebook! "Kendama Culture"

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