Saturday, July 26, 2014

Forever Alone surprise

As the blog author of singlehood and I, you would have known by now how forever alone I could be. As I got off work early today, I decided to go for a burger at Myburgerlab in SS2 ALONE since I had to use a coupon which was expiring anyway.
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I was lucky to have a good car park and no long queue ahead of me as I arrived. There were some college students standing outside with cameras though. I didn't think twice in asking them on what they were promoting. I just went and sit down at a corner of the long table. The college girl came and approached me with a daisy in her hand, together with 2 photographers. It appears that they were doing a random act of kindness project by handing out flowers. What was written on the card was "Smiles go Miles". It indeed does. Why do you think I smile so much? They succeeded to make all the women in MyBurgerlab smile. 
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I guess it was my lucky day as they were only there from 5pm til they were out of flowers to give out. I guess forever alone day wasn't all that bad after all. :)
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After my meal, I drove to see my sister and her babies, giving her the daisy that I received from KDU students. The flower did indeed travel miles to bring a smile to another person's face.
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