Saturday, April 5, 2014

#REACHOUT 2014 at Taylor's with Kina Grannis, Jason Chen and David Choi!!!

Today's the day I've been looking forward to for so long. It's REACH OUT 2014!!! I finally get to see Kina Grannis, David Choi and Jason Chen LIVE!!!! I have to admit I am a bit slow in following up youtubers. I got hooked onto David Choi's music after Jinny put it up on his videos. Hearing so much about Kina from friends, I searched her up and recently too shared a video of hers which I really loved on Facebook that she commented on. And as for Jason Chen? The first time I heard about him was when he did the cover of Tong Hua in English. That was super unique! Now that I get a chance to see them perform live, WHY MISS IT?

I zoomed all the way to Taylor's Lakeside after work at 7pm, hoping that I didn't miss any of them and thankfully, I was still early. I bumped into Jeremy and Brendan, the music producers that I only always meet at events. Spotted Munnie and her friends during break time. We had a drink before heading back for a long session of standing.

 photo CIMG0063_zpse65870a8.jpg 
After entering the hall, I realized that I left my camera's memory card in my laptop. HOW SMART! Walking out of the hall, I bumped into the awesome blogger TianChad and told him I had to run out to get a memory card. I remember seeing a computer store just nearby. However, I was too late as it was already closed. Should have checked my camera earlier so I would notice and get one. 
Feeling bummed, I dragged myself back to the hall. On the way back, I spotted Dan, Jeremy and Guan in Starbucks. I had to say HI. After telling them how stupid I was of leaving my memory card at home, Jeremy offered to borrow a memory card. He's such a life saver. This is the advantage of having a photographer friend. Thanks Jeremy!!! Btw, visit his photography page HERE.
 photo CIMG0047_zps2b309461.jpg 
Here's a picture of Guan. Although I've seen him so many times, I never realized how tall he actually was. That's because at previous occasions, I was always in heels. I was in my sneakers today... 
 photo CIMG0048_zps1545ea9c.jpg 
Dan Khoo with the photobomber behind. JEREY WAI U LAI DIS??? He almost always photobombs my photos with Dan.
 photo CIMG0049_zpsdc754af8.jpg 
Reuben from Jinnyboy TV was there too. There were here to be part of the MC of the event.
 photo CIMG0051_zps79a797c3.jpg 
Here's Joseph Germani, the Youtuber who has the same passion as me. SHOES! Yes, note that I used the word Passion for no reason. LOL! He was wearing one of the Jeremy Scott Shoes today. One day I shall wear mine and have a picture with him in the same shoes. One day... 
 photo CIMG0052_zpsd904f09b.jpg 
Here's Munnie. It's been forever since I have seen her. She is a dancer and will be leaving for Aussie soon. I will miss you...
 photo CIMG0064_zps4dd68ccf.jpg 
Ok, enough of all that Selfies. Here's pictures and Videos of the event! This below is Joe Flizzow and Sona One!
 photo CIMG0060_zps58174476.jpg 
 photo CIMG0062_zps506f410f.jpg 
The other MCs of the night were of course Jin, Reuben, Dan and Joseph.
 photo CIMG0067_zpsd1b390d1.jpg 
 photo CIMG0070_zps5532181e.jpg 
 photo CIMG0079_zps6f0b79f8.jpg 
 Jun Sung Ahn was up. I wasn't sure who he was before but I did some research on Youtube before attending the event. He's a talented Violinist. Brings back memories of when I learnt the violin. I wonder if I would be as talented if I continued with violin classes before...
 photo CIMG0073_zpscf6b7a92.jpg 
 photo CIMG0077_zps16a9c41d.jpg 
 photo CIMG0071_zpse2db4450.jpg 
 photo CIMG0075_zps6c2b7bb0.jpg 
Here's some videos of him.
 Next up? JASON CHEN!!!! YAYY!!! I wanted to buy his tee but however, I had no luck in finding it outside like he said. Maybe it was sold out. Darn... It was a replay button with a treble clef. I was planning to buy and wear it to work tomorrow like a uniform since I teach music...
 photo CIMG0084_zps7eee6fba.jpg 
 Madilyn Bailey was up next. I have never heard her sing before and I could say I was blown away by the first song she sang. It was Thrift Shop but in a totally different version! I loved it!!!
 photo CIMG0085_zps4272677e.jpg 
 photo CIMG0086_zpsa2f52e97.jpg 
 Kina Grannis time!!! <3<3
 photo CIMG0088_zps5865a373.jpg 
 photo CIMG0092_zps17e9efa6.jpg 
 photo CIMG0093_zpsae56d366.jpg 
 Last but not least, DAVID CHOI!!!
 photo CIMG0096_zpsdc84e937.jpg 
 photo CIMG0097_zps991058a4.jpg 

But wait, that is not all! David Choi had a duet with Kina Grannis!!! Unfortunately, I only had 2 videos of it because my phone a battery died on me... :(
 photo CIMG0098_zps795741fe.jpg 
The event ended with the song "Happy" by all the youtubers!
I am so sorry for not providing a lot of good videos and pictures like I usually do. Clearer videos and pictures were taken via my Casio digital camera and blur ones were zoomed up by my Samsung Note 2. Videos of my phone were taken via Instagram because my phone's battery was too low to run on camera mode. I have truly learnt my lesson to charge both my phone and camera batteries at ALL TIMES. Also, bring a memory card or at least keep a spare memory card in my wallet at all times... Despite my battery going on and off during the event, I still got to take quite awesome photos. Here's my favourite. What's yours?
 photo CIMG0095_zpseac67016.jpg 
From today's event, I saw a lot of over the top fan girls.They were screaming "AHHH!!! MARRY ME!!!" and "HE SMILED AT ME!!!" and stuff like that. As their voices increase, crescendo'ing to shouts, I laid low and just walk pass. I wonder if they would even pass out. Scary!!! I guess it is just normal for the photographers and media to see such events. This reminds me of the time I was at MTV Asia event and the girls were screaming like mad when Justin Bieber went on stage. 
Do stay tuned for more events and happenings on my blog. I am interested to attend any if you have extra tickets. HINT HINT! LOL!

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