Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drinks + Ramli

Daren invited me and Barry to drinks at St Patrick's Bar in town. Since I had nothing better to do, I picked him up and headed there about 10pm.

We were here to claim 10 mugs of beer for free! Daren apparently won it from a competition or some sort.

Here's my Godbrother, Daren!
Here's the crazy and "acting shy" Barry who just came out of the hospital few days ago. It's his first outing ever since his accident. He hurt his leg and now is an OKU temporarily. But he seems fine with jokes on it.

Here's me camwhoring AGAIN!

Barry had to report to his girlfriend. ^^

During our drinking session, we got hungry. We started talking about Ramli Burger and how long we have not had it already. Therefore, THAT'S WHERE WE HEADED TO!!! It was already 2am and we still went for it. Barry told us that "nice" burger is said to be better than the normal Ramli burger. It is indeed GOOD!!

Here's a picture of my disgustingly FATTENING yet DELICIOUS supper!!!

Here's the finale. Enjoy this video that was recorded at St. Patrick's pub. It's the live band that imitated LMFAO's song. INTERESTING!!! LOL!!!

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