Monday, March 19, 2012

Collection of Lip Smacker Prize

If you remembered, I entered a contest somewhere near Valentines day just for fun and to my surprise, I actually won second prize in the Lip Smacker K.I.S.S Contest!

Here's a picture of my winning entry! It's my brother and his wifey. I took this candid picture few months back while having snowflake and was actually only trying to capture my new toys which my sister bought for me. Since they were behind, I thought of just having them in it. Little did I know it would win me something.

Since I am in KL only from Friday nights til Mondays, I made an appointment with them to collect my prize on Monday, with the help of my sister and my GPS, we got there with little problems.
The place was quite quiet and scary for me alone to go to. Thank God my sister came with me. I went up with a girl named Lynn and collected my prize. I then took a picture with their camera.

Here's my prize!!!
Then, my sister and I left the place and headed to Solaris for tea.
We went to this place called Wonder Milk, which was filled with yummilicious cupcakes.
I ordered an Elmo and a Smiley cupcake, which were both Chocolate flavoured.

It was super yummilicious!!!
I then walked opposite to the i-Store to check out some stuff. However, I didn't see anything to my liking.
At 3 something, sister had to drop me off at KL Sentral to wait for my train. Since I was too early, I decided to find myself a meal. I have never tried Meals Station before and decided to give it a try.
  The food I ordered was not bad! It was quite good and affordable though.

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