Monday, March 26, 2012

A post of Random stuff...

Monday again,off day! Sorry for those with Monday blues. I have the blues everyday, but not Mondays and Wednesdays. I went with my sister and her hubby to 1Utama AGAIN for lunch. It was a VERY DELICIOUS meal though! Instead of walking there, we were lazy enough to drive there. HEHE!

We had dinner at Canton-I, which was a very famous place for their PORK! MMM!!!! Here's what we ate!!!

I have always loved eating at Dragon-i, which is also a very famous shop for their food. I love their Siu Loong Bao though!!! Talking about it makes me salivate now... 

Sister took me to a very interesting shop which sold really cool yet expensive furniture and household items. I too bought some small items for myself, being the shoppaholic me...

Time flies super fast and after that shop itself, she had to send me to KL Sentral already because she had to work. Instead of going to Meals restaurant, I decided to sit at Coffee Bean to enjoy my frozen lemonade, snap photos of myself and some stuff I bought from the shop, while I past my 2 hours of free time.

Got back to Ipoh to meet up with Vincent and Serica, who came back fir their holidays. They gave me a Root Beer which was brought back all the way from USA, from their honeymoon holiday. COOL!!!! I totally love the design!!!
They also brought back bunnies for me, which were chocolates. It's Ferrero Rocher!!! It's the easter Bunny version. So yummilicious!!!
Okay, I saw this car in front of KL Sentral. Question of the day: What car is this??? Bat mobil?

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