Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Big MEAL!!!

Went to Chatime today half an hour before its buy one free one promotion. What a bummer...But I had to work at 6pm. Therefore I couldn't wait for it. For you people who don't know about it, De Garden is having a promotion of buy one free one at 6pm-9pm from the 1st til 7th February 2012. What are you waiting for? GRAB ONE NOW!!! I mean not now la, like 6-9pm la... You get what I mean...

Today, I tried something new. Pu Erh Tea with Chrysanthemum. It's BITTER!!! Damn it.. At least I tried.
At the traffic to my home, here's something interesting. Red and yellow?
Night came faster than I could ask for. BIG DINNER!!! YUM!!! RM140 per person. Not that cheap but at least I am going to ENJOY puas puas...

From all those pictures above, I guess you definitely know the bill won't be cheap. Make a guess before looking at the bill below...
We then headed to Riverfront Hotel to check out the bar there. However, it was deserted...
So, we left and went somewhere else, in Greentown. Healy Mac's. I remember going to the one in KL.

I ordered a Long Island Tea for the first time of my life, AND REALIZED IT'S A KILLER!!! They were all surprised as I am not a drinker. >< I didn't know!!! To make things worse, it was awfully bitter, that all of them took a sip and also said this was by far the most bitter cup of Long Island Tea they have ever tasted! T_T

Was bored so I camwhored as usual... HAHA

Got home a lil drunk. You can see my entire body is actually red... That happens when I drink. Hate it!

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