Monday, January 30, 2012

Bai Tin Gong

We left for Ipoh in the morning. But before leaving, mom and I helped stick some stuff in the hall to celebrate my sister's return with her hubby later in the afternoon. Though the name was spelled wrongly, at least its better than nothing right? LOL!
We took a break at the Tapah rest stop to buy some guava. If you don't know, the guavas in the fruit stalls there are DELICIOUS! Seriously!!! Must stop there to buy every trip!!! This time, I realized something on the wall of the food court. TU...DIA!!! It's ECX's slogan all the time. They say that all the time! So funny I just had to tag them at instagram.
As I got home, I changed into comfy clothes and headed out again!

I went to Honda to service my car since it was overdue already. Now, instead of using paper cups, they are using solid cups. So inconvenient. I used to take the paper cup filled with milo out of there to wherever I liked but now it's no longer valid. DAMN.
Colby came to pick me up for lunch and movie with Endo and Kar Hing. After lunch, we just got too tempted to buy Chatime for the movie so we did just that. Only 1 cup paid for 3 cups. WEE!!!
We arrived TGV and waited for Kazu and Habby who were holding our tickets. The place was filled with people! Never have I experienced TGV Ipoh having such a long queue at the counter! I thought everyone would have started work by now but I guess it's Bai Tin Gong holiday for them still...
Rushed off to collect my car at Honda in KK road as they were actually closing by 5.30pm. I arrived there only at 6pm, making the guy wait for me. Paiseh. But since they are also sort of friends already to me, I guess they won't mind. He even said he might let his daughter have classes with me in the future. NAISSS...

It started to rain right after I got into the car. HEAVY POURING RAIN!!! Bloody hell and I just got the car washed at Honda. DAMN!

Night came, after dinner, I headed to Kar Hing's house to pick him up for Chanelle's Bai Tin Gong open house. Of course there would be HUAT session and BEER!!! Not forgetting, FOOD too!!!

Here's Geogina with her Potato.
Look at this rich bugger with his stack of STASH! HUAT ARHHHH!!!
At midnight, finally they prayed to the Gods and gave offerings.

Look at this photo below! Looks a little like a dragon don't it? I should really be a photographer. HAHA!!!
Then, we let all the fireworks FLY!!! Video below!!!

We then went back to eating and DRINKS!!!

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