Friday, December 2, 2011

Sneaking into ECX palace...

Took the LRT today from Sentral to Kelana Jaya. Instead of the old cards they used to provide us to pass, they gave me a chip today. It's kind of like casino chips. So weird... It functions just like a touch N go card and we are allowed to pass after we put it on the sensor.
Nicholas came to pick me up from Kelana Station, then drove on to Prince Cafe in SS2 to meet up with Hoshi and Kaze. While Nicholas fixed Kaze's phone, I went with Hoshi to check out ECX studio, which was just right opposite. KEWL!
After that, Hoshi, Nicholas and I drove to 1U hoping to get tickets for movie. But of course, we failed. In the end, we went to Snowflake for dessert...
These two boys were just so bored that they had to play checkers... WTF?!?! Old men...

Had to send Hoshi back to SS2, so we walked up to spy on the boys. Saw FIX having their training for Astro Battleground's final on Saturday. I walked past their training room to steal some snacks and shocked them. HAHA... BURGLAR IN THE HOUSE!
They have a few boxes of these in their studio! Crazy SHIT! HAHA... Thank God I don't come here everyday. Otherwise I will kill myself for getting fatter. LOL!

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