Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meeting with old pals

Woke up early this morning for work. To start my day? I kicked my leg to the bed, thinking I have fractured my last toe. BLOODY HELL! It was so painful that I thought I really broke it! You can see it is a little swollen right now!

At night, I drove to SS2 to meet up with Hoshi for dinner. In stead of him accompanying me for dinner, I sat down with the members of FIX, Charles, Kurisu, Popping Joe, Joey and Ben. Hoshi was running up and down with Kaze, therefore not exactly accompanying me for my dinner. At least I had some people to accompany me though. ^^

After dinner, I drove to Puchong to pick Ederick up for drinks. We went to this place called the Palette. Such a classy looking place. Like a mini Sunway Giza or something.

We sat opposite Library, Pacific Coffee Company for drinks. It looked very classy like Starbucks. comfy too.

That's Ederick, aka Big Ear Hole, aka Malaysia's Wilber Pan with my phone, texting his dad. "I'm in opposite? I'm at opposite?" HAHA inside joke...
What I had... The box of mints seems cute so I bought it... ^^ Feeling christmassy...
After Stephanie came, we went crazy in her car... with her hat. LOL!

2nd round of drinks at Kissaten. a cafe and beer place. We didn't even finish our beer and left for somewhere else in the end because they close at 2am.
We went to Kopitiam at Puchong in the end because Edmund was about to meet me. It's also 24 hours! Cool! We sat there til 4am and left for home... SLEEPY!!!

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