Saturday, December 10, 2011

Astro Battleground, a night commited to FIX

*Before you start watching my cacated videos, I would like you to forgive me for my unsteady hands, shaky hands and poor quality as I had to record them all from the LCD above my head... *

Walked to Sunway Giza after work today as I had nothing better to do. It was only about 3.30pm by the time I arrived. The first person I saw as I was walking there was PoppingJoe with his ever loving girlfriend.

Joey, Charles, Kurisu and Ben were chilling at Giza with their makeup on. WOW! Charles, you are damn FAIR!!! HAHA! Macam yes gam... Joey was still having a slight fever, Kurisu was having body aches...
 Haven't seen Eric in a while. It's good to see him again...

Stayed around Giza area to snap a few shots and also eat my lunch at Hometown cafe alone as I had no idea to what to eat.

Walked to Chatime and STALKED Dennis and Chriz down at the mamak nearby. HAHA! STALKER SIAL! HAHA! Sat with them for a little while before going off to buy myself some CHATIME!!!

Time passed so slowly for me as I was so anxious to see FIX's performance. After all, I'm in Giza because of them. ^^ Thank God as Hoshi and Kaze came not long after to rescue me from the boredom I was suffering from and gave me my ROCK ZONE TICKETS!

However, unlucky for me, I didn't get to grab a FIX t-shirt as it was SOLD OUT! Damn!!! At least I have a customized cap... LIMITED EDITION OWHKAYZ???

At approximately 6pm, everyone was lining up to get into the Rock zone to watch their idols dance. We, on the other hand, stood outside and took photos while the fans all gathered up the front.

Saw Chriz and Dennis walking around and posing. The posing Hunks.

We only took our place right after everyone was in. We stood right behind so we could watch everything... It was a bummer actually that FIX fans get to stand at the side of the stage instead of the front. Therefore I only got videos from the side view, and most of the stage props were blocking our way. The only way for me to video was to video it from the LCD screen above us. Therefore do enjoy our side of a view from my videos. At least I get to video the fans from my side.

They started off with the few crews on stage, and also the judges and their routine.

Then, it was time for the SHOW TO BEGIN!!!

4 groups battled their hearts out tonight. For us who came for FIX, we were blown out of our minds!!! First they gave us a performance which was just speechless.

You can just see the responses I got from people around me after the video I had of them. Their Traditional dance was just DOPE! Not forgetting this Titanic one below!!!

Seriously where do they get these ideas from? CRAZY SHIT MAN! Charles and Joe, you girls and hot! HAHA! Hands down to that! No chick can ever do what you both did. Joey, Kurisu and Ben, you three were dope itself! You were all dopity dope dope! HAHA... From their first performance itself, I have suddenly turned myself from a friend to a fan. Oh My GAWSHHH!!! I practically did post that on instagram.

There was a short performance from some kids. WELL DONE!!!

FIX fought well and great throughout the whole battle and we were already off our feet watching them on stage. Fans were just crazy just as they were announced a temporary winner as they still had to battle to the last to gain the real championship. Fans were already talking about their victory during the commercial breaks and damn did we all have all our fingers crossed right until the last minute of the battle.

There was also a surprise performance by Dennis, Rebecca, Chriz and Kelvin!!!

However, as the battle came to an end, the result had to come. The suspense was mad as the first two votes were for Katoon Network. We were all bummed up in our heads, keeping our fingers crossed. Then the other two was for FIX. Fans went wild...



until the moment they pronounced FIX as the runner up. Fans of FIX went silent and a few of them sobbed away. I was near to tears myself. We all knew how much effort they have put in the few months of training, how much tears, how much sweat. However, to us, they have done the best they could and that's all that matters. They are the champion in our hearts. As we watched FIX in tears, our hearts were shattered to the pieces. At least mine was. The feeling was just like my heart was brokened once again. Like i was single all over again. What a way to describe how I felt but that was exactly how I felt.

Some agreed to the decision of the judges but some didn't. However, What's done is done and I would also like to congratulate Katoon Network on their victory. Fix will be back to steal your throne real soon!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! *evil laugh*

After everything was done, FIX got to meet and greet with the fans. Since they were busy, I went to meet up with Leon, Ju and Monkey. It's been a while since I last saw Monkey and Ju. It was my first time meeting up with Leon after all that instagramming and facebooking. He actually knew my name. HAHA. He's really nice and funny though. TALKATIVE TOO! HAHA... Nice to have met him up.

Didn't want to interrupt FIX and their time with their fans, so I just quickly got them to sign on my customized cap and left them alone. Not like I don't get to see them anytime soon...

The night ended so soon and we all just didn't want to leave. NO CHOICE! HAD TO!

We all do wish you all the best FIX! You will forever be the best in our hearts. A little poem for you guys to end this post.

FIX is the best crew ever in our hearts.
Champions forever no matter what.
No doubt unbeatable, our favourite one!
For they bring us laughter, happiness and fun!

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