Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11, Vincent's wedding

The day has come... (A picture captured on my iPhone.)
The day has come to make a fool out of the guys, mostly AngMohs. HAHA!!! It's Vincent's wedding day! I woke up at 8am to pick up Ruby, head to 7-11 to buy some ice then headed home to prepare the games to fool the boys...
At about 9am, the rest of the girls arrived to help out.
We put all kinds of spices into the blender and blended them up, added some yogurt and HUALAH! There's the drink they are supposed to finish up.
Here's the bridesmaid and Bride in my room, waiting anxiously for the boys to come...
After what seemed like forever, the groom and boys arrived, LATE! Therefore PUNISHMENT IS GIVEN!
Firstly, they all have to wear the Bras we bought, and the disposable panties. You see the holes in the bras? It's where the spice bottle should be at. They have to suck it off each other. Here's a picture of the groom!!!
Here's the rest! The bananas are for them to eat it off each other also... HAHA!!!
Let the games, BEGIN!!!
The groom, Vincent, eating Alvin's banana. HAHA.
Alvin's turn to eat Vincent's. He was enjoying it so much he took his time. HAHA!
Opening the cap to the Ribena drink,...
Vincent being forced to eat half a KIWI coz that's his least favourite thing to eat.
It didn't take long for them to finally get the bride. Also, we were running out of time, so we couldn't play all of the games... Here's the groom asking for the bride's hand.
Tea ceremony time!

Then, we all left to the groom's house!

His parents giving offerings...

And the tea ceremony again...

Vincent's oldest brother.

Wedding gift was RM20,000 in a cheque! WOW!

Family portrait.


The cute wedding bed
I love this picture...

Finally, it was all over and it started to rain heavily. I brought Ruby, Yoong and Alvin to some food tour in Ipoh. We managed to have some Taufufah and Ipoh coffee before we headed to the wedding dinner at Pusing Seafood Restaurant in town.

How creative they are to make this for their table numbers...
They decided to present a cup of tea to my mother as she helped out a lot in this wedding and also she was part of a family?

My new friends, Alvin from HongKong. He is a really great person. Very fun and outgoing. Hope to see him soon again. He is a camwhore buddy for me! HAHAA!!! Seldom will you see a guy who camwhores with a cam...
This is so real in the world. Guys tend to sit in front of the TV nowadays... HAHAA!!!
I think she looks like the Kardashians tonight. And a little of Ariel, the mermaid... ^^ So beautiful!!!

After dinner, we all went back to change or freshen up before heading off to Metro Ipoh for drinks, more food and also beer?

My new camwhore buddy. HAHA

We all got home only at 2.30am. I changed and hopped into bed. I only had 2 hours to sleep before I had to hop onto the 5.30am ETS train... TIRING DAY I HAD!!!

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