Monday, October 24, 2011

My Bunny Bdays

Time to blog and boast about my wonderful time being older by a year. Yeah, wiser also don't forget...

So, birthdays usually lasts for a day, but mine always lasts for days. Starting from days before that is. I tend to try to celebrate with most of my friends that means much to me. A day can never fit all of them in it. Lets start with day1, 21st October.

First, I celebrated my birthday at Terence's house in Meru. We had quite a lot to eat... More like fine dining style than a simple bbq style. LOL. My bro took me and Joey to his place, which was cool!!! He had this racing game thingy but too bad I couldn't stay longer to play with it...
 Terence has this doggy called fluffy! So adorable!!! It keeps jumping on its two feet and do the gong xi gong xi move!
 We had barbecue outside, where it was also raining... All the mature guys cooking for us... lol
 Our chefs for the night, John, my brother Peter and Terence... THANKS FOR THE MEAL!!!
 Poor Fluffy was left out of the fun and crying sadly behind the door...
 Our delicious platter of uncooked food waiting to land into our tummies...
Then, I had to rush to eat my cake because I had to take my tables at Barroom. Hoshi, who was supposed to get it first had a little problem with his car. Has a slice of my first HONEYDEW cake and left... in the rain!
Terence's fridge... CRAZY!

Then, it was barroom time! I arrived there, dropped off my cake and was lucky enough to have a parking spot right in front. It usually is a pain finding a carpark in East area. It was the start to a happy great birthday year!

 While waiting for them to arrive, I do what girls do best (but nowadays I think guys do it better). CAMWHORE! also with Fish!

 Our drinks for the night!!! Chivas and buckets of Tiger... Can't remember if it was 6 or 7 buckets...
 Hoshi, one of the twins that makes my birthday a great one. Thanks Hoshi and Kaze!
My bday cake from Yohan. Pandan cake. It was YUMMYLICIOUS!!!

 Just being random... "CUT THE CAKE"

 Kill HOSHI for bring LATE! Fashionable late... But thanks a bunch... XOXO
 The two couples... LOVELY and CRAZY couples...
 Michael, Matsu, my new friend CC and Edwin...
 Hoshi, Fish, me and YUMIKO WTH U DOING!?
 Fish and I... Thanks for doing my reservations and being there for my bday!
 Donald, the big shot in Barroom... THANKS FOR THE BDAY BUCKETS OF BEER!!! You got me drunk! LOL!!!
 TJ and the waiter...
 My bestie, Benny and I... siapa punya itchy fingers sana??
 Winnie and I, it was her exact birthday that night! Happy bday girl!!!
 Yumiko spoiler la... Coz she said she did not dress up nor makeup for the party. She just came randomly after work. Thanks so much!!!
 My bestie... MUAXXX!!! BESTEST BEST!!!

 Yumiko the spoiler acts again... HAHAHA
 Perry and I... Sorry for making u angry... I didn't mean it... I just always offend without noticing... T_T
 XIANG!!! The last time i really got to see him for hours was back then when we performed together... YEARS BACK!
 Michael, someone I only met for days? weeks?
 My new friend CC
 After the partay, I got really dizzy and was standing outside to chill before I head home. It was already 3 something and it was way past my curfew. I had to drive home no matter how. As I was standing there, I saw my old friends! OH MY GOSH!!! Bryan whose bday was earlier by a few days, and Kent! WOW! Small town Ipoh is...
 After sleeping for only 4 hours, I had to get up for work. Was tired the whole time so I just dozed off in the car as my brother drove me and Joey to KL. It was after all going to be another party in Zouk KL! First year celebrating my birthday in KL!!! WEE!!!

I was supposed to arrive at Zouk before 11pm, but however, I had a super long dinner with my sister, her boyfriend Ryan, Taikor and Joey at an all you can eat buffet restaurant. It was super filling and I thought I would puke after the meal. I didn't take any photos of that place. FORGETFUL ME!!!

Got home and didn't know what to wear. Sister borrowed me a nice dress and that was what I wore. I zoomed off to KL Zouk using my GPS in the iPhone and I took the wrong turn!!! In the end, I got to Zouk at 11.45pm. Kaze was standing outside waiting for my arrival, with someone I did not expect, Joe. Oh wow! Surprise surprise... What's more surprising? CHARLES CAME OUT FROM NOWHERE OUT OF A SUDDEN and said "SURPRISE!!!

Here's the story.. Charles sent me a message in the afternoon informing me that he will not be able to come for my birthday. I was looking forward to me, him and Allen to cutting the cake together that night. But since he had a competition coming up, I couldn't go all crazy to be angry right? Understanding lah a bit?!?! SO I expected him not to come. BUT,... Hoshi sort of burst the bubble. He told me that Charles might be sending him to Zouk and that got me scratching my head. It got me wondering throughout the whole time whether these people are planning a surprise for me or something... I have never had any surprises in my life and I don't expect people whom I have met for only a week to give me one. True enough, I am blessed with this life, friends and people who are actually so good to me. THANKS CHARLES!

Got in the club and opened two black labels. Tha's my bro in his new top at the back. He forgot to bring something collared so he had to go shop for one last minute before we went to ZOUK.
 My Brother and lovely Joey at my party. XOXO!!!
 Yuki and I, THANKS FOR COMING GIRL!!! So sorry it wasn't a real dance all night clubbing day...

 Later on, more people came. More of the unexpected people. Chriz came with Dennis after their show at Sepang. It's so nice of them to zoom all the way here from there just to attend my partay. I also met a few new people! Nicholas, Jackson, another friend whom forgot his name, Seven, Von, and more? Kaze, Hoshi, Langkawi, Allen, Charles, Chriz, Dennis, Joe, Yuki, Andy, Taikor, Joey, Seven, Von, Jackson, Nicholas, etc, thanks all you guys for attending! I really had fun watching you guys PERFORM than shaking my ass in public like I usually do at clubs... HAHA!!!

It was like battleground at Zouk that night... Gals VS boys... OBVIOUSLY GIRLS RULE! HAHA!!!

 The after session, many had left us with a big cake to eat. Charles stayed on but Allen didn't! He had to send Nicholas as they both had work early in the morning. So, we headed down to the mamak store few doors away to cut the cake.

 Allen wasn't here so the pillow I got him was a substitute of him..

 I got home only at 6am after sending Kaze home. I slept for less than 2 hours and got to work AGAIN! It was a full day work til 6.45pm!

After work, me, Taikor and Joey went to Tropicana City to have Korean dinner with my cousins. I was too lazy to dry my hair or dress up so I just grabbed whatever I had and left. Running out of time anyway.

 We ate in this place! Nice simple environment.
Thirst Quencher...
  What I usually eat in Korean Restaurants. Bibimbap!

Here's a video of my little niece shaking her bootie. HAHA!

 The stall right outside the shop, that made me lose another RM20. My super crazy hobby!!!
It was just too tempting for me to say no...

Little did I know that it was already 9.45pm! Oh damn! I will not be back Ipoh in time for my countdown! I didn't wanna sweat so I just slept throughout again and woke up after an hour plus to find myself already reaching Simpang Pulai Toll! WOW! It was only 11.15pm! I could get there in time!!! I got to Euro and everybody was there already! Fashionable late again for my birthday for the second time...
 My Baskin Robbins birthday cake! PINK!!!
Me in little makeup and tired look with my cake...

 Family portrait time! All so serious and stoooopid!!!

 My bestie Chanelle and Steven!
 Sabrina came really late as she had a Miss Malaysia Model competition to attend. Thanks for coming!
Got home, uploaded some photos and videos and went to sleep only at 5am. Had to reply Facebook messages and stuff too. Was so tired I slept til 2pm today. Will have another session in the evening later! Stay tuned!

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