Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Malaysia Day!

It's Malaysia Day! It's a day for unity and celebration but many of us are hiding in our hometowns away from the havoc that was rumoured to happen. 

Whatever it is, I was glad that this is the day I got to wake up later than I usually do and spend some time with my friends. 

And not forgetting, today is also the day my Cover Story got published on Ipoh Echo!!! Show some love as you read in this link! Going Ape For Vape!

Got to Hollywood for Brunch at 11am with my colleague Ili from Ipoh Echo and had Joanna join us afterwards. It was a Ipoh Echo youngsters gathering. It was only when Ily told me that I knew most local reporters hang out and eat at Hollywood most of the time too! Yay Hollywood!!!

Had a drink with Ili at Stadium after that. We just had to have Coffee King, a cup of crazy big ass local drink that beats Chatime and all that franchise drinks anytime. RM5 for a cup of that. You have no idea how long it can last you! Coffee King has 2 stalls along the roads of Meru and Cempaka, and shop right next to my mom's stall in stadium now! It seems like people are queueing to get their orders everyday at the Meru and Cempaka branch. What's the reason to it? I'll leave it to you to find out.

I then went driving around for work purposes with my Bestie since she had some time to spare. After all that, we thought of grabbing a drink at Coffee Tag but it was closed. We then ended up at Konda Kondi Cafe which was located right opposite SOS. I have always wanted to give it a try.

The first thing we found out was an ice-cream booth right outside, named after Freddo Street Ice Cream, at the corner of Konda Kondi. We thought of giving it a shot when we saw them frying the ice cream. The pricing was super reasonable and the toppings given was definitely rich compared to some high class places which charges a large sum for toppings...

Freddo Street Ice Cream stall can be found here daily. There is also a truck that goes around Ipoh selling Freddo Ice Cream!!!  

We took a seat at Konda Kondi, ordered some drinks and enjoyed our ice cream. I ordered a Konda coffee, which was the specialty there while bestie ordered a Gudang Garam coffee, which tasted weirdly interesting. We assumed that there was some cinnamon added into the coffee.  My Konda Coffee was made out of coffee and whipped cream with oreo bits on the top. Nothing very extreme but it was good.

We saw the staff bringing out western food with chicken chops and such which looked very delicious. However we were looking forward to our own dinner so we passed on it. We shall have a trip there one day for the food.

Having time to catch up with people you haven't met for years is great. It was a very nice day spent with friends.

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