Saturday, February 15, 2014

Summer Beach Party

Hoshi called me earlier yesterday to invite me to an event. I wasn't planning on going to this event at the first place because there wasn't any contests or promotions going on about it. However, Hoshi told me that there are tickets available if I was interested. Since I had a boring Valentines Day, I decided to go and have some fun although it was all over. 

As I drove there after work, I had a good parking space right below the entrance of Sunway Lagoon. It took me a while to find my ticketing booth and got my tickets under the gorgeous DJ Jerryca's tab. I finally get a chance to hear her spin again. I missed her spinnings after Hitz Invasion months back. Although there were other celebrities and Model Deejays that day, I was much more looking forward to watching Jerryca Spin. Here's a picture of us!!! She even gave me her mix tape!

 photo CIMG0307_zps7a321e36.jpg 
Here's Hoshi. I don't know what's with all the posing pattern nowadays. Everyone is doing it...
 photo CIMG0309_zps3325d134.jpg 

Here's Edwin from Ipoh.
  photo CIMG0329_zps167b9eb3.jpg 
And Kaze. If you still don't know, Hoshi and Kaze are twins. 
   photo CIMG0330_zps73c21897.jpg

It was nice seeing Jackson again. I only randomly see him in events. I remember knowing him on my birthday years back. I had no clue who he was back then. Silly me... 
 photo CIMG0331_zpsfdae113f.jpg 
The twins...
 photo CIMG0332_zps4c6d5354.jpg 
Here are some pictures and videos from Jerryca's spinnings earlier that night.
 photo CIMG0260_zpsb15ebf4f.jpg 
 photo CIMG0264_zps67221b5e.jpg 
 photo CIMG0269_zps352b7394.jpg 
 photo CIMG0270_zps50a902ee.jpg 
 photo CIMG0271_zps1bd58dca.jpg 
 photo CIMG0275_zps20be1ca3.jpg 
 photo CIMG0276_zpsc8745648.jpg 
Then, LengYein went on stage and stole the mic from her to ask everyone to come up to the VIP area.
 photo CIMG0278_zps698dce2c.jpg 
 photo CIMG0279_zpsdacae28a.jpg 
 photo CIMG0281_zpsc86825cf.jpg 
 photo CIMG0282_zpsce0e0875.jpg 
 photo CIMG0283_zpseb2aad42.jpg 
 photo CIMG0284_zpsf7e7be0b.jpg 
 photo CIMG0288_zps16400b32.jpg 
 photo CIMG0289_zps374a019e.jpg 
 photo CIMG0292_zps23ac0986.jpg 
  As night came, the crowd extended. I was worried that there weren't gonna be anymore walk ins.
 photo CIMG0373_zps0d6224f6.jpg 
 photo CIMG0374_zps77c01f87.jpg 
 photo CIMG0377_zps1a6def32.jpg 
DJ Nikki was up next after Jerryca. She seems like she is a very serious person, or maybe she just doesn't seem to like what she does.
 photo CIMG0296_zpsfbdb6627.jpg 
 photo CIMG0297_zps9fbd1654.jpg 
 photo CIMG0312_zps916a02c6.jpg 
 photo CIMG0318_zps51df93ca.jpg 
 photo CIMG0320_zps60386181.jpg 
 photo CIMG0323_zps63bb93dd.jpg 
 photo CIMG0326_zps323342f4.jpg 
  Next up was Leng Yein. She came out with her GUN, cooling every audience off by spraying cool air out from it.
 photo CIMG0337_zps1c77e422.jpg 
 photo CIMG0338_zps5ab3a973.jpg 
 photo CIMG0339_zps55fd5d0a.jpg 
 photo CIMG0342_zpsdabdc597.jpg 
Jerryca is her SIFU and therefore she was up there helping her out and keeping an eye out for her.
 photo CIMG0335_zpsb8c24aba.jpg 
 photo CIMG0378_zps84a383df.jpg 
 photo CIMG0383_zps351428eb.jpg 
 photo CIMG0417_zps61679b08.jpg 
 photo CIMG0366_zps8aafe412.jpg 
 photo CIMG0370_zpsdcf0eee8.jpg 
 photo CIMG0368_zpse1551781.jpg 
 photo CIMG0351_zps5ebb734a.jpg 
 photo CIMG0353_zps1bcd31c7.jpg 
 photo CIMG0354_zpsed6c727b.jpg 
 photo CIMG0357_zps55a69e37.jpg 
 photo CIMG0399_zpsfe378f0b.jpg 
 photo CIMG0405_zpsc585b967.jpg 
Then, Jerryca went to the front of the stage to take pictures of her fans. CELEBRITY YO!
 photo CIMG0386_zps5be83871.jpg 
 photo CIMG0390_zpsfa7551bd.jpg 
 photo CIMG0392_zpsacdd1231.jpg 
 photo CIMG0393_zps9aea1017.jpg 
As everyone was getting hot, the guns came out again...
 photo CIMG0407_zps32ce736c.jpg 
 photo CIMG0410_zps76e1dbda.jpg 
 photo CIMG0411_zps058c9726.jpg 
 photo CIMG0415_zpsf709a5b1.jpg 
 photo CIMG0413_zpse968ca94.jpg 
  After Leng Yein, Da Mouth was up. However, I wasn't so interested so I went off to cool down and get a drink with my friends. I only returned to the stage when Tenashar was up. I have never heard her spin. People have been telling me she is a famous DJ and so I had to see for myself.
 photo CIMG0418_zps09912d2a.jpg 
 photo CIMG0419_zps50e08da7.jpg 
 photo CIMG0428_zps4ef0fea1.jpg 
 photo CIMG0443_zps524eb73d.jpg 
 photo CIMG0449_zpsb7bdd564.jpg 
 photo CIMG0465_zpsc001314d.jpg 
As you can see, she had some technical issues and I had to cut short all the videos. I didn't have any fun at all. After waiting what seems like forever for her system to finally work, I gave up and walked out with my friends to get our dinner.

Apparently, there was a conflict that went off after the event. Tenashar claimed that Leng Yein was the one messing up with her deck but Leng Yein was not the one who was spinning before her. After much battling on the social media, Tenashar deleted her post. I think blames shouldn't be put on anyone. I am not siding anyone but I guess you have to do what needs to be done before you perform. That's my point of view...

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