Sunday, October 27, 2013

GSC Horrorfest by Nuffnang

Today, I was invited to Nuffnang GSCHorrorfest! It was a movie marathon of 3 back-to-back horror films! So interesting! I have avoided horror movies for quite some time and now, I have decided to face it, 3 to be exact, in different languages! Since I went straight there after work, I didn't have time to get myself dressed up and made up. I did a 5 minute fast simple makeup and went to collect my tickets and freebies.

 photo 20131026_175416_zpsba92e8b5.jpg 
 photo IMG_20131026_175914_zpsf1113082.jpg 
Everyone waited patiently to enter our area with food and zombies welcoming us.
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 photo 20131026_180843_zpsddc1c52f.jpg 
 photo 20131026_180858_zpscc1b7287.jpg 
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Even the GSC staff were dressed up for the occasion.
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Here's Hoshi, my movie date and his shenanigans.
 photo 20131026_181715_zps7fc34514.jpg 
Thumbs up for the decorations.
 photo 20131026_181956_zpsac90c60c.jpg 
I bumped into Ernest and Dan! I think I bump into them at every event Churp churp has to offer!
 photo 20131026_182118_zps3f4fd693.jpg 
 photo 20131026_182231_zps3c5ddea0.jpg 
 photo 20131026_182239_zpsb1db43d8.jpg 
Oh and I bumped into Simon Seow too. It has been a very long time since I last saw him. He too had to pose for my camera.
 photo 20131026_182848_zps64d0d5a6.jpg 
Hoshi has a thing with zombies... I wish he would get a zombie girlfriend soon... LOL
 photo 20131026_182959_zps242c9158.jpg 
We grabbed a few of the desserts and headed into the cinema for our movie!
 photo 20131026_185332_zpse2a19a1e.jpg 
I also got myself a temporary spray on tattoo!!!
 photo 20131026_185412_zpsf30339a4.jpg 
 photo 20131026_185656_zpse3854664.jpg 
There was a dress up competition. Obviously I dind't even get into the finalists. Ernest says I look more like Evanescence. LOL!
 photo 20131026_185925_zps8bc11964.jpg 
Freebies from the event...
 photo 20131026_193211_zps68723182.jpg 
Thanks to our coupons we had free drinks and popcorn for all movies!!!
 photo 20131026_211418_zps230cc50d.jpg 
The movies we watched were The Second Sight, Rigor Mortis and Insidious 2. The second Sight left most of us walking out laughing. It was more of a romance movie that left a guy making out on the couch with himself. Rigor Mortis was also hilarious because we didn't see why the guy had to break his arm in the end. Insidious was however more scary. I could say they really did leave the best for last.
 photo 20131026_230614_zps272d131a.jpg 
  I wish I could attend the next Horrorfest! It lies very near my birthday anyway.

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