Friday, September 6, 2013

We Love Asia 2.0 with Pitbull!

Got off work only at 6pm today. Got home and got ready for a partay!!! I won tickets to We Love Asia 2.0 thanks to Churp Churp and Nuffnang! Unfortunately, I only succeeded to ask a friend along. I am blessed to have his fetch me to Sepang for the event and send me home after. 
By the time we got there, it was dark already and the party has started without us. 

 photo CIMG1286_zpsa165d260.jpg

   photo CIMG1287_zpsd652223e.jpg
This time, We Love Asia 2.0 had a fun fair going on at the same time! There were games and thrilling rides. However, the chicken that I am never went ahead to try. There was this ride which you sit in a ball and it tosses you around in the air. I saw some dudes coming out of it vomiting as it spins you round and round!
 photo CIMG1289_zps81ad8563.jpg
 photo CIMG1292_zps98526ada.jpg
Then there are also the typical old school tossing games for stuffed toys. Look at the minions!
 photo CIMG1293_zpsc3e778f3.jpg

 photo CIMG1294_zpsaee68e32.jpg
We didn't waste time on any of that but walked on towards the stage. Here's my friend, Sam, who drove me all the way there. 
 photo CIMG1295_zps77418e38.jpg

 photo CIMG1296_zps2ded0599.jpg
 photo CIMG1297_zpsdf0d2452.jpg
 photo CIMG1298_zpsdf8bdc0e.jpg
 photo CIMG1299_zps606b243d.jpg
 photo CIMG1300_zps47798c09.jpg
 photo CIMG1301_zps457d95d6.jpg
As some of the songs played on, I bumped into this dude, Dennis... Can't help but camwhore with him...
 photo CIMG1302_zpsf4b520ea.jpg
 photo CIMG1303_zpscc891a95.jpg
And there, of course, I bumped into the oh so famous Daniel. HAHA!!! He is in every event I attend! "Famous" much kan?
 photo CIMG1304_zpsaa28a7e4.jpg

 photo CIMG1305_zps62853d27.jpg
As I was rushing back for Pitbull's performance, someone jumped out and KAZE it was!!! I haven't seen him in ages! Took quick pics with him before I ran up front to catch Pitbull's performance.
 photo CIMG1306_zps80ccc5bc.jpg
 photo CIMG1307_zps4885ec22.jpg

Here's tonnes of photos of Pitbull!!! Hope it is all good for you to see. It's only taken with my digital camera and zoomed to the max. Enjoy!
 photo CIMG1308_zpsb631e837.jpg
 photo CIMG1310_zps9e3c6a73.jpg
 photo CIMG1311_zps37490906.jpg
 photo CIMG1312_zps8a1d8e05.jpg
 photo CIMG1313_zpseddf8b5c.jpg
 photo CIMG1314_zps8f9af86f.jpg
 photo CIMG1315_zps24832970.jpg
 photo CIMG1316_zpsc9c0a6bb.jpg
 photo CIMG1317_zpsdec1bfe6.jpg

You know what I enjoyed most about his performances? His dancers. They are so freaking hot and they can really move! They can shake their booty and grind!!!
 photo CIMG1318_zps79e57259.jpg

 photo CIMG1319_zps3a2be081.jpg
 photo CIMG1320_zps9b46fd2e.jpg
 photo CIMG1321_zps450afd7f.jpg
 photo CIMG1322_zps45f6651c.jpg
 photo CIMG1323_zps8e173d1f.jpg
 photo CIMG1324_zpsc0e889d2.jpg
 photo CIMG1325_zpsac863bec.jpg
 photo CIMG1326_zps05e4fa73.jpg
 photo CIMG1327_zps6ae483bb.jpg
 photo CIMG1328_zps62fde2fe.jpg
 photo CIMG1329_zps94c64492.jpg
 photo CIMG1330_zps8275c768.jpg
 photo CIMG1331_zps36abaa75.jpg
 photo CIMG1332_zpsab86f37d.jpg
 photo CIMG1333_zps862281ea.jpg
 photo CIMG1334_zps6a3642f3.jpg
 photo CIMG1335_zpsa60780d8.jpg
 photo CIMG1336_zps46902695.jpg
 photo CIMG1337_zpse82597bc.jpg
 photo CIMG1338_zpsb71bc1db.jpg
 photo CIMG1339_zpsa66a9e7e.jpg
 photo CIMG1340_zps44a029e3.jpg
 photo CIMG1341_zps559f577d.jpg
 photo CIMG1342_zps2b99440b.jpg

 photo CIMG1343_zps01523843.jpg

 photo CIMG1344_zpsd863c595.jpg

 photo CIMG1345_zps748bf813.jpg

 photo CIMG1346_zpse4ef3d4b.jpg

 photo CIMG1347_zps9508ede5.jpg

 photo CIMG1348_zps7236b95f.jpg

 photo CIMG1349_zps0516b22d.jpg

 photo CIMG1350_zps8931de00.jpg

 photo CIMG1351_zps5fe75d61.jpg

 photo CIMG1352_zps27bb2bc2.jpg

 photo CIMG1353_zps821b4658.jpg

 photo CIMG1354_zpsd69ba75f.jpg

 photo CIMG1355_zps7811421a.jpg

 photo CIMG1356_zps6a826496.jpg

 photo CIMG1357_zps8e2a296f.jpg

 photo CIMG1358_zps431b64a3.jpg

 photo CIMG1359_zpseabe8c23.jpg

 photo CIMG1360_zps372e2d4d.jpg

 photo CIMG1361_zps46314fe6.jpg

 photo CIMG1362_zps6e4c58e2.jpg

 photo CIMG1363_zpsb9c2656c.jpg

 photo CIMG1364_zps9c0a6124.jpg

 photo CIMG1365_zps26f764f7.jpg

Enough with the pictures. Time for some videos. Don't you think?

After his performance, I left with Sam because he had to drive back to Seremban after sending me home. Look at the crowd and the human jam!
 photo CIMG1366_zps75e3e6b8.jpg

 photo CIMG1367_zps4f70983b.jpg

 photo CIMG1368_zps9c0853f9.jpg

 photo CIMG1369_zpsedd8561b.jpg

 photo CIMG1370_zps37b10121.jpg

 photo CIMG1371_zps6e25a4eb.jpg

 photo CIMG1372_zpsc2006a2a.jpg

 photo CIMG1374_zpscf4dc191.jpg

 photo CIMG1376_zpsa26425cb.jpg

As we walked out, we saw a girl on the fake bull doing the rodeo. How fun! Too many people were watching. Didn't have the guts to try it out myself...
 photo CIMG1377_zps9104981b.jpg

 photo CIMG1378_zpsc20b9c87.jpg

There was also this one ride which was quite isolated. I wonder what it does?
 photo CIMG1379_zpsbdbc80b4.jpg

One last person I bumped into before reaching the exit. The one and only person who gets VIP passes to all events, Chriz Ooi. Just coz he's like a boss. LOL!
 photo CIMG1380_zpsae685919.jpg 
The event is going to go on til tomorrow but I won't be coming again because I am just too lazy and I don't really know the people who are going to perform tomorrow... May all of you who are going enjoy!!!

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