Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the world, start of the Goh Dong.

Happy 211212 everyone! How has your day been going? This day is said to be the most annoying day on facebook, everyone trying to avoid Facebook as much as possible but who are we kidding? Nobody in this century could live without a day of Facebook. It keeps us connected to our friends and all right?

Some say meteors are going to shower into our planet, some say it would be pitch dark for us. Someone even asked on twitter, "what if 12/12/12 was actually the Mayan's april fools day?". Right at 12 midnight, many people were typing things like "we're alive!", "It's over!", etc. I mean, it's different timezones everywhere so what time exactly is this "dooms day" that everyone is talking about? 

Came across Facebook as I woke up today and someone posted up a cutting of a newspaper somewhere stating doomsday for us, Malaysians, is on 22nd at 2pm. Seriously? This "joke" has been going out of hand. I even had my imagination go wild for a moment there, wondering if havoc is going on in shopping malls as I am typing this. Imagine havoc, together with the supermarket "end of the world" sales going on from today til Sunday! WOW!

Enough of all that stuff. If it's the end, it will come. No point thinking so much about it isn't it? It might just be a joke of our lives by the time it's over. Then, we will be able to tell the world "I have survived Y2K, Bird Flu, H1N1, SArs, Mad Cow Disease, and 211212!!!

Despite the rumours of the end of the world nearing in, everyone is in the Goh Dong mood, eating the traditional Tong Yuen. Cheers to a brand new world instead of an ending one. Cheers to TONG YUEN!!!!

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