Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birthday celebration with my pals...

My bestie organized a birthday celebration for me today. She had the guest list and all. For the first time, I didn't have to go through all that hassle inviting people to celebrate my birthday with me. She knew me well enough to hold it at my favourite place, Euro House. 

This girl has been in my life since we were about 18 years old. We share the same interests, horoscope and also zodiac sign! We went through thick and thin together, sharing secrets with each other, told each other the truth although it hurts sometimes. It's better to hear it from each other than someone you don't know right?

Here are the friends she called. Of course, I invited the 2 boys I always go out with and also Barry.

Then these two decided to hijack my camera... lol

And I joined in after... LOL

Picture session all the way...

These two good friends decided to be gay for the night... HOW SWEET!!! HAHA

These people were in my life during college days and I am glad to know them. They are the nicest people I have met. They are SINGLE!, except Steven of course... so ladies, grab them while you can!!! LOL!!!

As the night came to a boring sitting around session, we started gossiping and started stalking people on Facebook!!! Isn't that what Facebook is about?

As the night came to an end, we all headed home tired, filled with smiles and laughter. And I in the other hand got home with presents!!! Here are my presents for the year 2012!!! Candylicious teddy from Nicholas, badges from Joey Choong, Hand cream from Alex, Guess purse from my bestie and Jolin tickets & small angpow from my sister-in-law and brother!!!

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me guys!!! LOVES!!!

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