Monday, July 9, 2012

Talk about bad luck...

It has been a horrible past 24 hours for me. Believe me, it could just be the worst day so far.

I went out at 10.45pm last night with my friend to watch Spiderman at 1Utama. For a start, we didn't get a parking righ away like we always do. After 10 minutes or more of finding a parking, we finally got one.

As we walked into GSC, I took out my phone and realized that my bag was flooded. WHAT? FLOODED?! Yes. Flooded. My bag was apparently waterproof inside out. My gadgets, such as my external battery, China Porsche phone, house remote control and also my CAMERA was swimming in it. As I took out the items one by one, water spilled out of every hole there was. You can think of how bad it was. The water came from my favourite Starbucks bottle. I know most of you who are just like me, like to sneak in some drinks to the cinema. Thank God this time, it was just plain water. Unlucky for me, it poured into my bag as it toppled over without my knowledge. ARGH!!!!!

There was nothing I could do besides pouring out the water from my bag in the toilet and taking out all batteries. So, I just did all that before I went into the cinema to continue watching my movie. I put all my wet and I BET WOULD BE SPOILT gadgets in the cup holder and hoped it would dry up with the air con. UNLUCKY for me again, the air con was HOT today. Double darn...

The movie was good, but I was just having a bad day. We waited til the credits were all over before realizing there was no clips shown at the back like i read on twitter... Headed home and realized my remote control which was also drenched wasn't working. I had to climb into my house over the gate just like spiderwoman.

Finally got into my room, tried to hair dry my gadgets but to no success... argh... It's a sign.. Old things don't go, new things don't come...

Here's a Vlog...

Woke up really late today, ate lunch and followed my sister to some boutique shopping. It rained, getting us a little wet also. When we left to go to KL Sentral to catch my train, we got stuck in jam and I missed my train. What a bummer!

In the end, I bought the next train at 7pm and headed to Coffee Bean to have a snack since dinner would be late tonight. Onlined with my computer and tried to charge my phone with the cable that I connected to my laptop. Unlucky for me, the cable was no longer usable due to the flood yesterday. My phone battery was dying but at least it was enough to get back to Ipoh.

Then, my 7pm train delayed for an hour. WOW! Talk about bad luck! When I was also in desperate need to pee. I didn't want to bring my luggage to the toilet as the toilets in KL Sentral were not ideal for me to bring my bag, if you know what I mean. Finally got home at about 10.30pm and had Ramly burger for a really late dinner. ARGH!!! How much worse could my 24 hours be?

Anyway, earlier last night, I went to Digital Mall with my other friend to buy some polaroid films. Then, we ended up talking with the sales person there on new cameras and to update ourselves. He showed us the new camera model, Casio Exilim EX-ZR20. It had super cool features! It would do me good in events!!! It's 16.1 Megapixels, 8x Optical Zoom and up to 16Xs when it come to digital zoom! They have art shots such as Soft Focus, Miniature, Sepia, Light tone, Pop, Monochrome and Toy camera! Seriously, I have no idea what I just typed. It was just all copy and paste.

Let me tell you what I've learnt and heard from the salesperson though. You are capable of taking picture in a very quick pace! You don't have to wait for a second before you get to take the next picture! I think it was 0.2-0.3 seconds before you get to take another photo! There was also a continuous shot which he showed me. First, he pressed on the shutter and waved his hands in front of the lens. He then played back and I saw images being showed like as if it were at old movies, where there was an interval in between movements. Then, he told me it was actually Photos which were played back!!! WOW! AMAZING!!!

Then, he also showed me a function which was auto photoshopping!!! It's instant in cancelling your bad complexion of skin on your face! HAHA!!! Good for me since I have zits on my face. He zoomed into a poster at the back and I could see it was very clear, though it was zoomed in to the max!

He showed me the brochures and also examples of pictures taken with the camera, comparing it with others. This camera is awesome in a way for events that no matter how dark it is to take your photos, it would turn out bright and not only that, you can also see the background even if you have turned on the flash! WOW! Seriously? It's awesome!!!

After my gadgets being drowned, I might just get this camera. Retail price is now going at RM15xx and promotion price will be going out at RM12xx. However, my friend who is at HONG KONG at the moment found it at the price of less than RM800! I am getting it!!! FOR SURE!!!

If you think this is an advert, you are wrong. I am just hyped on getting a new camera since I am getting all the bad luck...

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