Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dinner at My Burger Lab

Weeks ago, I heard from my friend about this place called "My Burger Lab" and how interesting it was, It was said that you could put together whatever you would like and have your burger your way. I was planning on going there but I had no idea to where it was at. The only way was to wait until that friend of mine brought me there.

This afternoon, as I was reading my news feed on my Tweetdeck, I saw Simon posting that he would be heading there and asked if anyone would join him for dinner. I happily replied his tweet and we made arrangements to meet up and head for dinner! I was looking forward to it as I really had not much of an idea of how the place would be like.

We arrived there about 6.30pm, looking for parking in the area. The parking is limited and if you're lucky, you might just get one right in front of the shop. In our case, we parked further away behind the shop. It was located at Sea Park, which was very near to SS2. Simon advised me earlier to get there earlier to avoid the crowd as there will be a large crowd. The interior was simple yet nice. It was even quite homely.

A waiter gave us some tips and explained to us while we looked at the board. Instead of thinking of how to customize our burger, we both just took the easy way out. We ordered whatever that was on the set. As we gave our order and paid for our meal, we noticed this at the counter! How cool...

Here's the kitchen and the very busy staff. I can say one thing about the staff here. There's loads of them and service is near to perfect. They can clean up the tables as soon as customers left and they made sure every new customer knew what to order.

Here's some pictures of the interior there. Felt so awkward when people started looking at me while I took photos. They must have thought like "Is she taking a photo of me?" Perasan moment. LOL!

Simon told me to embrace myself and be prepared to wait for at least half an hour for my burger. Burgers were all made fresh, so we had to expect to wait a little longer. I was okay with it since I was not super hungry at that moment. 

We sat together with two of his friends who we bumped into, Marcus and Hitomi. We chat a little before their food came and we wasted no time in taking pictures of their meal.

Marcus's burger was "Beautiful Mess". Simon ordered the same thing. They both were also wearing the same coloured Tee. Talk about BRO-mance.

This one below is Hitomi's burger, "Say Cheese". They both ordered an ala carte burger instead of getting a set.

Instead of waiting for half an hour or more, my burger was delivered to me in just approximately 20 minutes. For myself, I ordered a set since you only needed to add RM5 for fries and refillable drinks with no limit. I was a sucker for fries so of course I went with it! I ordered the "Hangover Burger", not because I was having a hangover of course but because it had Hash Brown in it. I'm a sucker for potatoes. HAHA!

The fries were great! Nothing you can find in McD, KFC or any other fast food joints.

The boss then came by, as Simon was a friend of his. He talked to us, asking for opinions and comments. We got to know that this place is and would be Halal because there are also Malay people who walks in, getting the burger the way they wanted. Here's a picture of Simon and the boss, with the very awesome Troll picture on his shirt.

At the moment, they are still hiring! Looking for a job? It seems like quite an awesome place to work at. You will be provided with their staff Tee too! Every staff working there had their uniform and it seemed quite professional.

The burgers were well done. You definitely have to drop by to try it for yourself!

My Burger Lab @ Seapark,
14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, Petaling Jaya.

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