Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dinner at Shizuka and Justin's

On this beautiful night, Shizuka and Justin invited us to their humble home to have dinner. Shizuka was going to cook for us. How sweet of them.

They were so nice that they flooded us with snacks and appetizers, afraid we would starve before dinner...

Then, Shizuka brought out the main dish, the bean rice. It is usually only served when there is an occasion for the Japanese as a celebration! What an eye opener!

The stew, which was just superb!

Here's some Korean mixed Japanese mussel soup which was served to all of us. I wasn't a big fan though.

Afterwards, we watched the football match for a while... Actually, we ate, drank and chatted more than focusing on the television...

I brought my polaroid camera and decided to let them have some photos as memories! Here's my sister, Ryan, Shizuka and Justin. By the way, Shizuka is a Japanese who married to a Korean, Justin. It's amazing how this works out! They are a really sweet couple and they are sure fun...

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