Saturday, May 5, 2012


My family and I had a SUSHILICIOUS dinner today. Japanese food at Mokuren, the place with the best and freshest salmons ever!!!

Fried Chicken
Delicious Mediterranean Roll!!!

Seafood Spaghetti

Got home, changed into something more appropriate before driving to Ah Fu's house. His sister's getting married tomorrow, therefore I was going there for the pre-wedding.

The place was HUGE! 3 canopies, and indoors was a Karaoke Session + Mahjong Session!!! WOW!!! Entertaining noisy bunch!!! This is what I call a celebration!!!

We, the youngsters just had juice, groundnuts and some of these...

Before going home, I stopped by at MacDonalds to get my favourite drink, Chocolate Milkshake! I love their milkshake as it tastes almost the same as the ice-cream! YUM!!! Totally addicted!!! McD's drive through was having a very heavy bad traffic jam. Kar Hing had to go down to the counter to buy it for me since the queue was shorter indoors...

Came home and updated my 2 weeks of late entries on my blog... Sorry guys...

Updated while the football cheers goes on in the background. My brother was watching football while I updated my blog....

It's already 2.42am... I better go to bed. At least I finally finished updating my blog... Phew!!! 

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