Friday, April 20, 2012

Memories of Friendship

Time flies very fast, don't it? It seems like it was just yesterday that you had tons of friends, tons of events and parties to go to, or even HOPING SO MUCH to go to. It isn't just your youth that goes away as the years pass. Even your friends start to leave you one by one...

I have always been a people person. I love hanging out with people, with friends, with crowds. I think I have even blogged about this before once, but who remembers? Anyway here I am again, telling you how much friends mean to me... AHEM

Last time, parents always prevented us from watching certain movies as it brings us bad influences. Nowadays, I would rather say it back to my parents. The movies nowadays keep showing how children should mix with their own level of kids, either financially or knowledge wise! It indeed is horrible that it really reflects to the real world nowadays. Parents always tell us that we should not mix with those with Tattoos, not a good family background, people who has lower income, people who don't have a professional job, etc. Let alone when we start dating one! 

Seriously I don't think friends should be judged by the way they look, the way they live their life, their interest, their statuses, etc. Friends are friends. No one is perfect in this world! Tattoos nowadays are considered as an art. You can't hate someone just because he has one! It no longer is the 18th century where tattoos mainly only means gangsterism. Unless you watch too much of Gu Wak Jai.

How are we to judge a person from a family background that they can't control? If they are from a broken family, I'm quite sure it's not their fault that the family is broken. Why blame it on someone who has nothing to do with it?

Who are we to judge a person by their work or professionalism? Seriously? Are you in that position yourself? If you are, well done to you. But it would be impossible for everyone in this world to have a professional job right? 

I have friends from all kinds of background. I have poor to rich, good to bad, knowledgeable and stupid... Who cares? To me everyone is equal. I also have friends who treat me like shit for many years and I still consider them as my friends. It's always better to have friends than foes right?
Time after time, people who has disappeared from my life appears out of nowhere calling me out for drinks. They are also people who never replied to my every call or message at times but I still entertain them. Well, the positive way to think is, they still think about me? It somehow also draws a smile across my face when I see their name or picture appear on the screen of my phone. Stupid, aren't I?

All my schooling life I have never had a group of friends that stuck by me all the time. I used to just pop by the canteen and just randomly find people whom I've met before and eat with them. Eventually, I knew most of the people in school. That got me sort of popular for being unpopular. LOL!

However, I'm glad to have met a gang which stuck on to me til now from my college days. Come to think of it, it's been 6-7 years of friendship already. They are not rich or famous, but they are truly my best friends who have been there for me through rich and poor, through hard times and the thin, who accepts me for who I am...

As time passes by, of course one by one leaves to go for work but we still remain in contact and try our best to meet up while we can all the time. Movies, drinks, meals... 

Just a few days ago, my friends actually posted a video which consisted almost all of us back in 2006. My first or second birthday celebration with them at Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam. I had an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins, my first ice-cream cake, and we all dug in instead of cutting it slice by slice. That's how close we were. Also because back then, we didn't know how to cut a hard rock ice-cream cake. We dug in with a fork each and finished the entire thing. We then played with the left over dried ice. Watching the video makes me think back all the memories and how much fun we had back then. We still have fun now but it just ain't the same as there are some people missing from Ipoh already... Here's a video of us...

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