Friday, April 27, 2012

Clubbing at Movida

Waikin fetched me out to Starbucks today before my train ride to KL. Starbucks is having a promotion. Starbucks Malaysia's Happy Hour Promotion is every Wednesdays for people with the Starbucks card and Fridays from 5pm - 7pm for all. Here's the queue!!!

Colby and I had the new drink!!! It's almost like the Chocolate Cream Chip but with Mocha added in.

Then, he sent me to the train station. I had some camwhoring session in the train. Was too bored...

When I got back to my KL home, I realized that GOLDLILOCKS someone had been sleeping in my bed... LOL!!!

Of course, I didn't stay home and be a goodie girl that I am back in Ipoh. HAHA! I walked out to my friend's car to meet my friend for drinks!

We went to Movida. It was Stephanie's birthday and she didn't want to meet her new friends alone. I understand that. I was dressed in T-Shirt, jeans and a cap. Super casual for a clubbing session.
Happy bday Steph...

I didn't really enjoy that place again. I never really do. The Deejay talks too much, the music is always jumping down the climax of a cliff then up again... Oh well, we drank for free so what is there to complain...

We went to the opposite mamak store for supper at about 2am. We crapped about pretty much everything. Most of it was about BERSIH, the "event" and "havoc" that was going on in a few hours. I ain't gonna take part in it coz in a way, I think it feels like war, in a smaller way. Why make war when u can make peace? *Sorry if I offended anyone...* We sat right next to a rubbish bin which had this sticker on it. TAKE NOTE, THAT FINGER IS NOT MINE!!!

We went home only about 4 something in the morning and I only got to sleep only for 3 hours before I woke up for work...

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