Monday, March 12, 2012

shoppaholic DAY!

I went with my sister to Pavillion at 11am today to check out the Tokyo Street for lunch. I have never really walked around Pavillion before. It was interesting though.
We had lunch in one of the shops there. What was interesting is the sauce that they grinded for us. It tasted awesome!
How can I eat a Japanese meal without a Edamame snack?
I ordered a set meal which was quite good.

After lunch, my sister and I went to Paul Frank's shop to check out some garments. I wanted to get a piece or two until I saw the discount section. It was 50% off the tops. I was quite interested in a few of them but however, there were no sizes for me. I always loved wearing clothes which doesn't stick to my body so I won't look fat. Therefore I chose XL sizes and got only 1. I though it was because it was sold out due to the discounted items. So, I asked the person to check out the normal priced items for me also. BUT, they also did not have them in XL size. The person who attended me was also rude as hell with no smile on his face. 

He said:"Most of the clothes do not have XL sizes"
"But then how come this one I am having on my hands is XL?"
He then replied:"That's why I said MOST of the clothes."
 Dude! What's your problem? You need some customer service courses? You seriously need to be sacked. How can it be possible that a brand from US, do not have a size in XL? IMPOSSIBLE! 

In the end, I only had no choice than buy that one garment in my size. DARNIT!
Here's our shoppings by 2pm. CRAZY!

My sister left me at 3pm to walk on my own. After strolling in Pavillion for hours, I walked to Sungai Wang to search for cheap stuff. I walked on for hours again until my battery died. I then stopped by at Starbucks in Sungai Wang to charge my phone while I rested a while.
At that moment also, I was wondering to why I did not go to Chatime Galleria instead. Darn. Bad idea.
I walked on for a few more hours and before I knew it, it was damn dark out there already. I walked back to Pavillion, texted my sister and asked her to pick me up after she finished work. Unfortunate for me, she only finish work at 9.30pm. She would only be here by 10pm or later.
I went to search for shoes, which are quite cool! I need to get one real soon so I wonder if I would find one suitable for me...

There was also a Puma, Ferrari roadshow there.
I was super exhausted from walking the whole day, so I sat aside with my legs up, resting while I waited for my sister to rescue me from my pain.

I was so extremely tired that I didn't even feel like eating out. I just got home and ate maggi noodles. HAHA!

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