Friday, March 16, 2012

One World Presidential Suite!

Previously, I had the honor of staying with my Kai Yee at a suite in One World hotel, next to One Utama. She gave me a second chance in living like a boss, at a PRESIDENTIAL SUITE! Of course, I had to share a bed with her, but WHATTHEHELL who cares? 

 I was too hungry as I entered the room, therefore I helped myself to some fruits. LOL!
Here's the toilet! This is a 360 degree view of the toilet. My app does not do a perfect view but I guess it's good enough.
The best part of the whole suite was the massage chair! It's quite comfortable but the hand massager was a torture! Seriously! It's like pinching my flesh to my bones! Bad...
Too bad I didn't have enough time to enjoy the bathtub...

We headed to the Peridot Club Lounge upstairs which was only limited to people who stays in the Suite and above. Free flow!!! WOOHOO!!!

The place was quite fancy. Not a bad place to hangout. Just that it was a little too quiet to me.

Here's a small video of my kai yee and I loitering around and sneaking a video around the whole place. Enjoy!

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