Friday, January 27, 2012

The JAMMED trip to KL

Today's the day I travel down to KL. We've all been prepared to a massive jam since it's almost the end of the holidays. At first, the road was quite smooth flowing...
Then, the massive jam started at Tapah...
Thank God for Waze. It's an application on iPhone that I downloaded that informs you before hand things you needed to know:-
1. Traffic Jam (moderate, slow moving, MASSIVE JAM)
2. Police (Visible / hidden)
3. Accident (Major or Minor)
4. Hazard (Raining heavily, slight or drizzle, On the road or off the road - dead animals, car stopped, stuff on the road, etc)
5. Camera (Speed traps and traffic lights)

There are also random stuff which I never use such as Chit Chat (you talk to random people who don't reply), Map issue (to report on wrong names and such), Pave (road maintenance), Check In (foursquare la!)
The best part about this whole thing is when you spot policemen on the application and really see one ahead. Community helping each other. Greatest App so far... Download now and start helping our community!

Finally we got to my sister's place by 8pm after 2-3 hours journey... Tired journey having to report to the person driving about what's about to come on the road via Waze...
Mom had cooked some food to eat at home therefore we need not suffer on thinking where to eat. After dinner, I helped my sister with some wedding name cards. Some canggih things she bought to DIY...

Got to sleep a little after midnight. Have to work the next morning and it is going to be a super big and tiring day...

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