Monday, January 16, 2012

Endo's birthday

Got back to Ipoh earlier than I used to every week because brother is driving us all back from KL.

As I arrived Ipoh, I sent a message to Kar Hing, asking him if there were any plans. Little did I know that it was Endo's birthday! I got home, unloaded my stuff and quickly rushed off to Daorae for a birthday lunch with Endo, Colby, Kar Hing, Hoe and Habby.
I ordered this extremely large pork dish. Not bad though.

One thing I heard from my friends. Apparently this Daorae place is getting more and more ridiculous. The price is not cheap and yet they have a rule, which is that every person who sits in will have to order something to be eligible to the side dishes. Not only that, if they were to order some meat, they have to order two dishes! No wonder the place was deserted! 

Next up was dessert. Chatime is open at De Garden FINALLY!!! It's now only 5 minutes from my home! We all had a cup each except Kar Hing. We were all bloated but we still were too tempted. ^^
Here's our cups!
Me and my SH face. LOL!!!
Before after? Hehe.

Once again...

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