Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3rd day of CNY

Today's the day I go all out on collecting angpows from D1 members' houses and also HUAT ARH!!!

We all gathered up at Yumiko's house first. As usual, Yumiko is up later than planned, with us all waiting outside her gate. I hopped onto Daxmen's car to wait and Hoshi arrived. Look at his "hou lan bei" look! Turns out they were all out for drinks last night and I wasn't notified. Damn it!
Finally we all got to enter Yumiko's house, Collected angpows from her grandmother and started our Huat session!
Here's Yumiko with her LuiLui. It's been a while since they have last met. See how much love there is?
Then, we went to XinJuen's house for Bai Nin. She served us some really delicious chocolates which got me hooked on! Whoever who happens to go to the airport, please buy this for me from the duty free area! If possible, I only want the Milk chocolate ones, in blue. DELICIOUS!!!

Up next is Josephine's! Look at her neat fruit stall with her poster on it!
Flying Star?
Lootzai and his gf Ivy.
Xin Juen
Prince Hoe
Sz Chung
We then headed for lunch at Yat Yat Seng before heading to my place for hours of HUAT session!!!
The new cards. So nice...

After they all left, I stayed home for dinner, then headed out again to Overtime to meet my bestie and my old schoolmates. We were having a gathering. However, only a few of them came.

I stuck around for only an hour plus before heading to Ivy's house for another HUAT session. You won't believe the crowd there...

Kaze and his HUAT mascot
Veron and her HUAT mascot
Terry and his HUAT mascot
Terry and his GF Guanlin
Veron again
At 12 midnight, we all drove to the nearby playground to fire up some love lanterns and also fireworks. Enjoy the videos!!!

Everyone had to rush back to their cars to get ready to leave as Kaze lit up the fireworks. As I ran, I tripped and fell, ON THE ROAD!!! I hurt my knee... T_T
We all stood by the car to watch the fireworks and left right after so we wouldn't get in trouble with the police. Here's a video of the whole scene!!!
After the fireworks, everyone decided to leave instead of continuing what we were doing previously. So, most of us left to McD at Gopeng road to continue our gathering. However, things got out of hand and they got crazier than ever. Witness the craziness on video!

Oh and here's a video of our own LMFAO in MCD. HAHAHA

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